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HST Ontario Rebate Direct Deposit

14 June 2011 12 Comments

According to recent media releases, the last of the Ontario Sales Tax Transition Benefit cheques was set to be deposited on time as of June 10, 2011. Though rotating postal strikes were said not to effect the mailing of HST cheques, some residents have been left to wait for the anticipated rebate. Residents who opted for the direct deposit approach in light of the impending Canada Post strike have also experienced delays in some cases raising some concerns.

While Canada Revenue Agency’s website states that signing up for direct deposit for HST/GST and OSTTB rebates is more efficient, the site also states that if individuals only recently signed up for the rebates to be deposited directly, cheques may still be mailed for this payment until the direct deposit information is processed. For those who already have direct deposit information on file, CRA is expected to deposit the rebate anytime after June 10, 2011 according to their website.

Residents who filed 2010 taxes after May 9, 2011 can also expect delays in receiving the OSTTB rebate cheque as the CRA has cited a processing period of 6 to 8 weeks. This places the receipt of the cheque anywhere between late June and early July.

To further add complications to the situation, although Canada Post initially assured customers that important government cheques would be mailed on schedule, today’s official lock-out announcement will pose increasing delays for all mail across Canada.

In a statement released earlier today (June 14, 2011), Canada Post cited upwards of $100 million in losses by implementing 12 days of rotating strikes nationwide. Rising safety concerns and continued difficulties in negotiations have forced the company to shut down until further notice. Canada Post is said to clear any mail that has remained in their system until June 14 but will not be continuing regular operations until an agreement has been reached.

Canada Revenue Agency has also cited that during a postal strike or lockout, only the core government-issued cheques will be mailed out on the 20th of each month; a slight delay in payments.

The following list are cheques that will continue to make their way to residents during the lockout

(as cited by CRA (http://www.cra-arc.gc.ca/gncy/pstlstrk/menu-eng.html):

  • Canada child tax benefit (CCTB)
  • Provincial/territorial benefits that are combined with the CCTB:
    • British Columbia family bonus
    • New Brunswick child tax benefit
    • Child benefit for Newfoundland and Labrador, Nova Scotia, Nunavut, Northwest Territories, Yukon, Ontario, and Saskatchewan
  • Old Age Security (OAS)
  • Canada Pension Plan (CPP)
  • Guaranteed Income Supplement (GIS)

Unfortunately for residents who are counting on rebates to assist with every day life, these delays are costly. One can only hope that negotiations will continue with Canada Post and that Canada Revenue Agency will not use the lockout as an excuse for late payments for too long.

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  • Portia said:

    i still have yet to receive my deposit an have called several times an still have yet to get any sort of answer regarding what the issue is i have had direct deposit for 3 years now an have never had any problems until now this is absolutly ridiculous an un-called for i am a single mother an depend on these payments when they are suppose to be put out

  • Sandy said:

    @Portia – I agree. I’ve had direct deposit for over 5 years. Now, suddenly (and quite conveniently) direct deposits are impacted because of a postal strike??? Personally, it sounds like an excuse to keep those $$$ in the bank a bit longer. Really, if they can delay paying it (and perhaps rack up some interest), why not right? I’ve yet to get mine either.

  • Jason said:

    I have yet to get my last $100 rebate directly deposited into my account. But I just have to be patient. The HST credit did get put in on time though.

  • T. Walker said:

    Well well well … nice to know the government is holding monies promised as rebates to myself and other citizens. I hope they are making good use of all the money and earning interest overnight every night while I wait and pay interest on my bills. The money is mine. I have direct deposit and have done for a long long long time. I can only assume CCRA employees come to work via Canada Post. I am supportive of the postal workers who now face what amounts to bald faced theft of monies promised to them in their employment contracts with a crown Corporation so don’t think I somehow think it benefits me to see them ripped off. I do find it extremely suspect though that payment of rebates amounting to rather a huge sum of money are delayed using the excuse of the postal strike.

    To be totally honest and logical, interest should be paid to the citizens whose cheques are delayed dating back to June 10, 2011. It is pennies to us of course but they are our pennies. That way we can pay the late charges on all the bills awaiting this rebate to be paid out.

  • T Kuhl said:

    The date is now 21 July and the HST credit of $100 is still not deposited. This is is not because of a postal strike by employees trying to earn a decent income for decent work. This is because of a government that wants to use all middle income taxes to put direct deposits into the fat accounts of banks, financial lenders and oil speculators and large corporations. This is about a government that pays its friends first.

  • Dave said:

    Dave said:
    For all those poor soles waiting for the last installment of the HST! The number to call is 1-877-627-6645. I called Monday and was told unless you have received your 2010 Tax assesment in the mail you will not get the last payment. This assesment is their way of saying yes the return is right or, they will make adjustments and send you the results. Until you receive the assesment you will not get the check. The big disgusting joke is, they wait for certain people it seems to do the assesment, those who really need the money. I went to school all 2010 so what the hell could of changed on mine. frickin typical government joke! We all know the ones whom made 150 grand just under the alloted max got theirs on time as they could afford to have a tax profesional do it. I am betting when you phone you will find that they waited till in and around July 4 to do your assesment as the payment was scheduled to go out on the 5th. Haaa !! They did mine on the 4th and I just received the paperwork. The next time they will send out the last HST payment is August 26th, so get on the phone people, good luck to all.

  • Janie said:

    I still have not received my 3rd installment as of July 22, 2011; I do remember in December that the paperwork said I would receive another cheque in June. Ny husband received his in June, though he only got a one-time cheque (he makes waay more than I do) I haven’t called yet, thought maybe the mail was still running slow (didn’t do direct deposit) Any ideas?

  • Janie said:

    Well I found out what happened. Since my husbands taxes where done before mine, he got the cheque. 8>( Solved that mystery.

  • Cheryl Doussept said:

    my husband and I still haven’t recieved our gst cheque and it’s july 25 2011 and when the postal workers promised us that they would deliver important government cheques are full of you know what because our cheques were issued on july the 5th we tried calling the gst office to inform them that we didnot recieve our cheque yet and we couldn’t get through it was busy and when we did get through we got a machine stating all the options but not one for lost or stolen cheques or even late ones and we filed our taxes in feb through h&r block so all I want to know is whats up with this also we did get a letter back in march telling us how much our gst would be

  • Stacee said:

    I still have yet to receive my HST rebate for the month of June, It is August, my god. I know canada post went on strike, but they have to be caught up by now. I tried calling a 1800 for individual GST/HST inquieries and the 1800 number was off the hook. How is a 1800 number off the hook. I am starting to get really impatient.

  • Pat said:

    It is now Sept 1st, 2011 and I have not yet received my 3rd installment HST rebate cheque. I have also spoken to many people in my condo bldg and neither have they received theirs..There does not seem to be a phone number that we can call to inquire about this problem…go figure….

  • JAcquie said:

    I did not receive my hst for Oct yet. Did anyone in Ontario get their checks I know my neighbor had hers deposted Oct 5

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