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HST Rebate Cheques

28 February 2011 57 Comments

HST Rebate Cheques

Since the implementation of the Harmonized Sales Tax in Ontario and British Columbia, residents, when filing taxes on their personal tax software, have begun to receive HST credit and transition cheques from the government as a way to adjust to the new taxation system. As with the HST system, there are many questions surrounding the cheques and who is eligible, when to expect the payments and how to go about applying to receive a cheque.

Ontario Sales Tax Transition Benefit (OSTTB)

First and foremost, in order to receive a HST transition cheque or OSTTB you must file your income taxes for 2009 by April 30, 2011 and file your 2010 returns by April 30, 2012. Based on your return and income earned, your cheque amount will be determined and issued. HST cheques will be issued to singles with an income lower than $82,000 (net income) or couples/families with an income less than $166,000. You do not have to fill out any separate forms in order to receive cheques as Canada Revenue Agency works in conjunction with the HST rebate program. GST rebates for lower income residents and HST cheques are issued together.

For single Ontario residents within the income range listed above, you can expect to receive three cheques of up to $100 per cheque for a total maximum benefit amount of $300. Couples and families can expect HST cheques of up to $330 per cheque ($335 for the second and third cheques) for a total maximum benefit amount of $1000.

Dates for the cheques for Ontario residents are as follows:  June 2010, December 2010 and June 2011. In the event that you file your income taxes late, HST benefit cheques will be delayed for approximately eight weeks for processing. To ensure that you receive the HST cheque you deserve, be sure to file your income taxes on time.

Further requirements to be an eligible recipient for the June 2010 and December 2010 payment:

  • must be 18 years or older
  • are married or common-law or
  • live with one or more dependants under the age of 18

You must also have been a resident of Canada on December 31, 2009 and of Ontario on May 31, 2010 and November 30, 2010.

In order to receive the June 2011 benefit payment, the recipients must:

  • be a resident of Canada on December 31, 2010 and file a 2010 income tax return by April 30, 2012 or if not resident in Canada on December 31, 2010, provide a statement of 2010 world income to CRA, by April 30, 2012; and
  • be a resident of Ontario on May 31, 2011.

*Note that the OSTTB is a temporary payment program designed to help residents adjust to the HST implementation. No payments will be issued after April 30, 2013.

B.C. HST Credit Cheques

For BC residents, the qualifications and requirements are slightly different than for residents in Ontario. In order to receive a BC HST cheque, residents are required to file income taxes with Canada Revenue Agency as well as fill out a benefit return with your taxes by checking ‘Yes’ in the GST/HST credit application area.

For individuals applying for the credit cheques, you can expect up to $230 with a maximum annual income of $20,000. Families can expect $230 per person with a maximum annual income of $25,000. Partial credits are also available based on income and number of family members per household at a reduction rate of 4% of your net income over the allowable threshold.

HST credit cheques are issued quarterly and can be expected in the months of January, April, July and October.

Additional requirements to ensure you will receive the HST Credit (HSTC) include:

  • you must be 19 years of age or older
  • you are married or live common-law or
  • you live with one or more dependants under the age of 18

Be sure to check out related tax websites for further information and to ensure you determine your eligibility for HST cheques.

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  • Rachael, Ontario Ministry of Revenue said:

    Great post, thorough and informative.

    I’d just like to provide some links to our website, for more information on credits and benefits available to eligible Ontarians.

    The Rebates vs Refunds page, detailing the difference in the two definitions: http://www.rev.gov.on.ca/en/refund/index.html

    Our Credits and Benefits page: http://www.rev.gov.on.ca/en/credit/index.html. This page lists all the credits and benefits available to eligible Ontarians.

    Our Who To Contact withing the Ministry Page: http://www.rev.gov.on.ca/en/taxchange/whotocall.html

    And finally, you can follow our Ministry’s Twitter handle for up-to-date information on Ontario’s credits and benefits: @OntarioREV

    Cheers and have a great weekend!

  • Denice said:

    I was just wondering, for those of us who did not work in 2009, do we not receive the previous two hst cheques if we did not file our taxes for that year?

  • robert said:

    Do I need to do my taxes in order to get my H.S.T. check for april????

  • lisa (author) said:

    Robert: If you have filed your 2009 taxes in either Ontario or BC, you should have received your HST cheque by now if you qualified.

  • Chanel said:

    Why is there such a difference between Ontario and BC for HST credit?

  • Mark S. said:

    So that means couples in Ontario get more much more than twice that of a single person. Sounds fair. If they run the tax the same way they do the rebate programme than at least know what to expect.
    Not much.

  • Al D said:

    Still waiting for my Dec. cheque??????

  • Lorraine Tauson said:

    Hi! Thank you for your very informative and helpful information. I am surprised that there are people that do not file their taxes even though they did not work. A friendly note to these people if I may, I live on disability as I can no longer work. I file taxes every year because, it is mandatory and I want to receive whatever benefits I am eligible for from the Government of Canada. Also, it is to my knowledge illegal to not file your tax returns and you could be audited. I hope I was somewhat helpful here. Again, thanks for your info. Cheers!

    Lorraine Tauson
    [email protected]

  • Al D said:

    Still waiting for my Dec. cheque??????

    And now, waiting for income tax to be deposited to my account. Following an error on “someone’s” part, I contacted Rev.Can. with the info, and the chap I spoke to adjusted things on the spot [bully for him] and told me that it had been rectified. Two weeks later, I still see no deposit in my account.

    Now, if we plebians out here in the marsh were to behave in such a manner, we’d lose our heads.

  • Anita said:

    I just got my last HST cheque yesterday. Because of the postal strike, is it true that I can’t put it into my bank account until June 10th, which is the date on it??

  • Bonnie said:

    So you Got your HST. you can deposit it. but you can’t cash it till the 10 th.

  • Colleen said:

    My son turned 18 in May, does that mean I will get $100 instead of $300

  • Linda said:

    I’ve been trying to find out why couples with no children living at home with them, get the maximum family HST credit of $1000 per year, while a divorced (single) person, with no children living at home with them, only gets $300 for the year. No one can answer me….well, some dimwit with our government did…. she said “well, a couple is considered a family” When I asked even with no children living at home with them? Yes she said… I replied “so I guess I don’t count as having a family because I’m divorced??? She snapped…”I said that wrong” I guess you did! But she couldn’t give me an answer….and after being given the runaround making FIVE calls and each one giving me someone else to call, I ended up with the SAME number ! Yes, I gave up.
    So, what’s the answer, why is a couple with no one else living in the house with them getting more then TRIPLE what a single mom is >?????
    Guess that’s our government at work once again. And guess who’se paying for all this ? WE the taxpayers.

  • Lori said:

    So let me get this right… In Ontario, a couple can make 166,000 and still get a rebate of $1000 annually. In BC, that same couple can make 25,000 1/7th of the amount and they get nothing! BC’s minimum wage is the lowest in the country, our unemployment rate is the highest in the country, and a family of 2 or 4 or 10 can not make more than 25,000 before being cut off for supplementation! Just looked at housing costs, and houses are about a third of the price in Ontario also, for rent and purchase. I think BC is getting seriously ******* over here!

  • Lori said:

    Colleen, yes, but HE will also get his own credit now

  • Al D said:

    Well, we tracked down the missing Dec. 10th payment that went astray. I “magically” turned up in an account the gov’t does not have on record … amazinging!!!

    As foretold, the last deposit would be mailed directly to the account holder as outlined…$335.

    But, and what a bunch of screw ups …they mailed it to my wife, who is in a nursing home, and has been for over a year, before that, she was a resident of a hospital’s waiting ward.

    Now, if they sent her a cheque, where is the one that is supposed to be deposited to my account, which was, instead, to be mailed out?

    Does this mean, we both, my wife and myself, get cheques? Then she is missing the first two, and I am missing my last one.

    My Cairn Terrier is out of work…maybe he could drop by and sort it out ;)

  • Kathy Rawlings-West said:

    How come the June 10 checks were not direct deposited in to my bank account ? Several people I know are calling me and asking me if I got my check and i told them no and they did not get theirs either ! ?

  • Gillian said:


    As I’m reading it states our 2010 refund must be filed by Apr. 2012. So everyone who qualifies should then get their June 2011 cheque if their taxes for 2010 are late but not late as in 2012 late?

    Direct deposit says it’s Canada PRO – I received a payment in May from the same acct. for $325 but did not receive my June $335 payment… anyone got any insight into that?

    Just thought I’d try, I can’t seem to get through on the phones to Rev. Canada :(

  • dee said:

    what’s especially stupid is not getting the direct deposit even though your info hasn’t changed and received your refund in the same account as always, you filed early march, you received your assessment before may 9th and still cannot speak to anyone in gov’t until june 24th.

  • Paula said:

    I too did not receive the HST cheque on June 10th … as of today it still has not been deposited into my account (which is the same account all my gov’t things get deposited into). Why is it some people received theirs by direct deposit while others are left waiting and wondering???

  • Rebecca said:

    I too have still not received my HST cheque on June 10…via direct deposit. Our banking information has not changed and our taxes were filed in March… We received the first 2 installments but why are we not receiving the third installment, our taxes are still the same from previous years… Did it go into someone else’s account or are we just not receiving the last installment… wish I had an answer, and we cannot find out why until the 24th, crazy if you ask me?? If someone has an answer, please let me know

  • Michael said:

    yes I too have not received my cheque and did my taxes in March. Who do we contact to see what the hold up is?

  • joanne said:

    I also didnt recieve my third instalment cheque direct deposit but recieved the other two with no trouble banking info is the same and all other direct deposites come in ok

  • Steven C said:

    as of today June 30th I have no recieved my hst cheque in the mail. my friends got post dated cheques..not me. any info or someone i could call

  • for freedom said:

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  • ricky said:

    still have not received my hst cheque yet i know the government is slow and i have been waiting for my energy grant for over 4 months

  • Matt said:

    I have received no payment in 2011 yet and have filed my taxes for 2010. Where can you phone for status of your cheque and verify information.

  • Jan said:

    So far I received only one cheque. I believe this was in December? Haven’t received my June cheque. Can anyone tell me if there is a telephone number to call?

  • jreid said:

    i received the first two supplements, but not the third. nothing changed, made the same amount year over year, yet nothing. not only do some of us get screwed on income tax, we take it every other way from the almight government as well. how i can find out if i am to get a rebate, and if so, why it has not arrived?

  • LMMASON said:

    Me too, go the 1st and second one, and can’t figure out who to contact.

  • Christine said:

    I didnt get mine either, but here in Ontario there was a mail strike for 2-3 weeks through june, so I am guessing it’s just mail build up they havent been able to distribute yet. I know a few people who got theirs direct deposit, but mines mailed, so it’s all a waiting game :)

  • Carl said:

    It is now July 10, 2011. What happened to the rebate cheque supposedly issued in June 2011 ? I have file my 2009 and 2010 income tax returns by April 30 and have paid tax owing. With an election in October 2011, you’d think the Liberals would make sure the cheques were in the mail when promised.

  • Ang said:

    It’s July 11 and I’m still waiting for my Transition benefit as well as my GST. Both should have been direct deposited. My mother’s haven’t shown up either. Both tax returns were filed.

    My son will turn 16 in a couple of weeks. I was waiting for this money to come in and help a little, but no such luck.

    The benefits only go to those on the ‘SUNSHINE LIST’.

  • Dave said:

    For all those poor soles waiting for the last installment of the HST! The number to call is 1-877-627-6645. I called Monday and was told unless you have received your 2010 Tax assesment in the mail you will not get the last payment. This assesment is their way of saying yes the return is right or, they will make adjustments and send you the results. Until you receive the assesment you will not get the check. The big disgusting joke is, they wait for certain people it seems to do the assesment, those who really need the money. I went to school all 2010 so what the hell could of changed on mine. frickin typical government joke! We all know the ones whom made 150 grand just under the alloted max got theirs on time as they could afford to have a tax profesional do it. I am betting when you phone you will find that they waited till in and around July 4 to do your assesment as the payment was scheduled to go out on the 5th. Haaa !! They did mine on the 4th and I just received the paperwork. The next time they will send out the last HST payment is August 26th, so get on the phone people, good luck to all.

  • adele & Garry krieger said:

    we have been waiting for our hst.. this helps pay our land taxes and
    water. is it because of the mail strike that we didn’t get this,, we have received our gst.. and that went on a bill..
    we haven’t received our 2010 tax assessment either..
    our taxes were done in Feb 2011

    we really need this money..
    i think something is up as i see we are not the only one who didn’t receive this last check.

  • Brandchirp said:

    The mail strike has ended and still no cheque

  • Todd said:

    I have not recieved my hst cheque for this year either. Everyone at my company has recieved it and I filed my taxes on time. Whats up with that? Anyone know who I can get ahold of so I can ask questions?

  • alicia said:

    i heard from a friend that low income families are recieving a check on july 26 but she does not know what its called can someone answer this question if there is money comming which i dont think so what is it from????

  • Jason said:

    I still haven’t received my rebate cheque. What’s going on?

  • Elaine said:

    I still have not received the HST cheque.What the heck is going on.The mail strike is over,why the delay!!!!

  • Donna Porsche said:

    It is now July 25th and I still have not received my June HST rebate cheque. What is the hold up????
    Seniors on fixed incomes need all the extra funds they can get so lets get with the program here
    and resolve this issue. Also could not find a way to contact anyone regarding these cheques. I
    have filed all the required income tax forms and received the previous cheque so who is to blame
    for this, the Post Office? No strike so how can that be, are they allowed to deliver these when they
    feel like it? Very poor way of doing things, not going to help Mr McGinty get re-elected for sure
    in October.

  • Mike S said:

    Its now Aug 4th and I still havent got my hst cheque by mail… I depend on this extra to pay bills so what the %^&*# is it ???

  • Aaron said:

    I get my hst by direct deposit and most of the time
    It’s late when it comes from the gonverment handing out money
    They take there time, but when we have to pay the gonverment
    There always has to be a rush on thing (go figure)

  • Carrie said:

    I didn’t receive my July 5th rebate direct deposit and when I finally got a notice about it, they tried to say they weren’t sure my address was a residential one. Even though I verified it over 12 years ago.
    Then they said July 7th was the cut off date to receive the rebate by
    July 22nd and that I wouldn’t receive my rebate until August.
    Yet, they didn’t give me an exact date. It’s obvious they’re trying to
    stall until the referendum results are in. Then they’ll probably say
    that since the HST is canceled, I won’t be getting my rebate ever.
    The CRA and our government are just as corrupt as the ones in the mid-east.

  • Lauren said:

    Do we all get one last HST credit on August 26th 2011 ?

  • Stacee said:

    I still have not received my HST rebate form June 10 th. Still waiting and getting pretty pissed off. Tried calling a 1800 number for GST/HST individual inquieries and it was off the hook. How is a 1800 number off the hook?

  • connie said:

    is there any rebate for ontario august 26 2011

  • phil said:


    To all you BC people that voted out the hst now you get to pay the tranision cheques back.


  • JohnH said:

    I have not seen any information posted that addresses this question:

    A friend (who is not in good health and has some difficulty researching this on his own behalf) filed his income tax in BC this spring and was processed. He was notified that he would receive a GST/HST quarterly subsidy for the next year, beginning July 5.

    However, early in June, he moved to Ontario for medical treatments and will be staying there.

    Does he qualify for any sales tax benefits for the coming year? If so, what is the process?

    Would appreciate any helpful advice…

  • Beth said:

    Does anyone know if we still are going to receive hst rebate checks for the year 2011, in BC? The hst just got the cut a couple weeks ago and I’m wondering if anyone knows anything.
    Cheers beth

  • beatrice said:

    What do I do if I misplaced my cheque?

  • Al said:

    I recently entered into personal bankruptcy. My estate manager received my refund cheques however my bankruptcy is now complete when and how will I receive my next refund cheques

  • andy said:

    All you pampered ontarians, how much crying did you do to Ottawa, after all you did very well for the bail out for the auto crisis, have you started paying back yet? i think it would be a fair jesture to donate your H.S.T. checks to the more needy of this Country how much do you earn again?,unbelievable.

  • Mitch said:

    I just filed our 2010 Taxes and they have been processed. How do I tell or will I receive notification that I will recieve the June 2011 Installment Cheque?

  • G said:

    I moved to Alberta in April 2011 but have been receiving these rebate checks in the mail to my parents house in BC. Will BC be asking for this money back?

  • nickolas said:

    I was just wondering how you go about changing your address so you can receive the cheques to your new address…Also if you havent done so already and cheques have already been issued will you receive them again at your new address or would I have to go back to my old address and see if they have them there?

  • Bryony said:

    I have always received all my gov’t cheques except for October. When I called revenue Canada the lady told me that I would receive it Nov 1st, because I had not previously changed my address. So I checked my bank account as I get direct deposit and to my surprise I did not receive anything. When I checked your website it says that I will not receive my payment on January 4th as that is the next billing period. I think this is outrageous when I am counting and needing this money. Can someone please get back to me I am tired Of getting the run around I want a straight answer.

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