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Will I be Eligible for HST/GST Credits?

21 January 2010 32 Comments
HST sale tax credit

The Harmonized Sales Tax is set to take effect on July 1st, 2010 in both Ontario and British Columbia. This is a document from Service Canada’s website outlining eligibility and regulations concerning credits. If you are wondering what you are going to be reimbursed, this is an article you should familiarize yourself with. All the following information is taken from the governments website and can be read in it’s entirety here.

GST/HST Credit

The GST/HST Credit program issues payments to Canadians with low and modest incomes to help offset all or part of the GST/HST they pay on the purchase of goods and services.

Eligibility Information

  • The GST/HST credit is calculated based on the recipient’s net income added to the net income of his or her spouse or common-law partner, if applicable, minus any amount the recipient, his or her spouse or common-law partner reported for the Universal Child Care Benefit on line 117 of their Income Tax and Benefit Return. The number of dependent children registered for the Canada Child Tax Benefit or the GST/HST Credit is also used in the calculation of benefits.

  • To be eligible for the GST/HST credit, the applicant must be 19 years of age or older, have (or previously had) a spouse or common-law partner, or be (or previously was) a parent and live (or previously lived) with their child.

  • The GST/HST credit recipients must inform the Canada Revenue Agency of all changes, such as a change in the number of dependent children or marital status, in order to have the payments adjusted. The credits can be adjusted during the year.

  • Other criteria may apply.

Application Information

  • To receive the GST/HST credit, the recipient has to apply for it, even if it was received in the previous year. To apply, the recipient must file an Income Tax and Benefit return, even if there is no income to report. Eligible taxpayers may apply for the credits any time during the year in which they meet the requirements.

  • New residents of Canada may apply for GST/HST credit at any time in the year they become residents of Canada by completing Form RC151, GST/HST Credit Application for Individuals Who Become Residents of Canada.

Dates and Deadlines

  • The GST/HST credit is issued four times a year: January, April, July and October (generally the fifth day of the month).

Contact Information

Related Information

  • Individuals who have not received their GST/HST credit within 10 business days following the date of issuance should contact the Canada Revenue Agency.

  • Individuals who are receiving the GST/HST credit do not need to apply separately to receive the Newfoundland and Labrador Harmonized Sales Tax Credit, the Newfoundland and Labrador Seniors’ Benefit and the Saskatchewan Low-Income Tax Credit.

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  • Lauren said:

    So basically your average people who go out work to make $ and afford to live get screwed again. Lovely so when is the government gonna recogonize your average hard working individual who is single with no kids??? Seems like we are always the one that suffer in order to help people who go out have kids with different people and sit around doing nothing.

  • Peter said:

    Well put Lauren. Say thank you to Pierre Trudeau and other liberal thinkers for our cradle to grave society. Somebody has to pay for it…

  • Tammy said:

    Wow, funny how people do not care how offencive and rude they can be, over money. I am a HARD working single mom, with 3 jobs trying to make a living for myself and my daughter. I didn’t choose to be a single mom I was married and my ex started using drugs and became abusive, so i got out. Now it really makes me angry when I read stuff like this and people group single parents with people who “sit around and do nothing” because in reality I pay for it too and to be perfectly honest it does not matter who you are this tax is a bad idea and we are all going to suffer from it!

  • dawna said:

    Well put Tammy. I also left my abusive ex husband after he was arrested and don’t need to read stuff like that. As a single parent of two I pick up all the slack and Im in school full time to give my children a better life. This tax sucks for everyone, but can’t people make their point without offending others? Completely classless.

  • Jessica said:

    To Peter and Lauren,

    So you work and earn enough to not qualify for a rebate. Me too but I’m not complaining about such a small amount of money. I’m not a cheap moron that attacks people that aren’t as fortunate as me. Get a life, losers.

    Lauren, please don’t procreate – we don’t need any more dumb, bigot hosers in this country.

  • Julie said:

    To, Tammy and Dawna,

    Ignorance, puts those rude and senseless commentators, right where they belong, beneath contempt. Good for you girls, struggling, for a better life for yourselves and your children. You two girls, have a extremely tough job, and you deserve all the credit in the world. People, that make nasty comments, need a mental evaluation. There, is something badly and sadly wrong with them. Next time, remember that, and consider the source, where the nastiness comes from.

  • Amber said:

    Ugh, some of you are so vile. I love how those who are fortunate to have these jobs that allow such luxuries are the first to wave the finger at struggling parents. Allow me to say this: No one, no matter where they are from, who their parents and family are, what their status is, asks for poverty. No one! And those that live in poverty who struggle with addictions for example, struggle with those addictions because it is an escape from the desperation that is poverty. 99% of the time, it is NOT due to being lazy…have you ever worked a minimum wage job and try to support yourself, nevermind children? The side effects to poverty are staggering. It is horrible. And their are many many parents who suffer in poverty. And people like Lauren there are so selfish. It is like Jessica said, that exta $150 that the poor receive (if it is even that much, that is high balling it) is peanuts to those who make an income that exempts you from it. Hell you have to make up to 80,000 before you even become exempt fool! How greedy and selfish does one need to be to actually complain about not getting that piddly little bit of change once every 3 MONTHS when they are making a fabulous income and all the bills are paid and food is on their table? When I get my benefit for myself and my son, that $150 is gone immediately in the clothing that he requires as he grows like a weed. There is no room for luxuries! Oh well, ok, in all fairness, I may take him out for lunch as a treat. WOW! And it is not no Red Lobster friend, I can tell you that much. I could not believe that you had the audacity to make such a blanket statement like that, that all parents do is pop out kid after kid on your dime. That is only a small percentage who do that. If you want a real solution to the PANDEMIC that is poverty…it is called EDUCATING and TRAINING those who are lesser off. The analogy “give a man a fish, he eats for a day, teach him to fish, he eats for life” analogy. But it is people like Lauren and Peter that would be the first to whine and cry about that, and then whine and cry when they get a few extra shillings 4 times a year. How shameful people are. What a selfish nation. Again, NO ONE opts for poverty. Pull your head out of from between your butt cheeks and get a reality check.

  • Greg said:

    Everyone from Tammy down !! PLEASE RE-READ Lauren and Peters comments . For GOD sakes , if you cant read properly or comprehend what they’re saying , then don’t COMMENT on theirs !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • L.Ray said:

    If you all are looking for information on the new HST reimbursement here is the link:
    It will be issued on June 10 and then again in December.

  • Gunther said:

    People always have the right to choose to work. There are some that may have illnesses or other medical conditions that make it impossible to escape their situation, but I would chalk up a great percentage of people who live in ‘poverty’ to abject laziness. Substance addictions are also a choice, and while they may be hard to overcome, they still made that choice and need to deal with the consequences. If people choose to live in such circumstances with a family, it is a sad scenario, but it can only be remedied if they choose to make a change. Progressive taxation can upset a lot of hard working people, simply because some of the people that receive the benefits receive them despite being able to work and be responsible for their families.

  • tray said:

    just because you get a better pay dont mean you work harder then anyone else!.. there are MANY ppl out there that are trying to make ends meet that work just as hard but dont get the best pay check in the world…single parents may not be single by choise, think about the familys that have lost the sole bread winner to death…… or dont have jobs because they are in school trying to make a better life for themself….. it wasnt “your money” until it was put in your hands, it was someone eles money….maybe this world would be a better place for our children if ppl werent so greedy and money hungry, and thought about other ppl then there own walets or themselfs……and lets face it this isnt our world its our childrens and money cant give you the best thing in life..happyness… only your heart can

  • Bob said:

    I am moving to the USA, much better even paying for health insurance.

  • Lance said:

    I don’t know about the rest of you, but I’ve just about had it with the Canadian government.

    Accumulatively, we pay out almost (and in some case MORE) than 46% – 48% of our annual income in some form of tax. We have tax taken off our pay, we have tax added to everything we purchase, we have tax on property, tax on lottery winnings, tax on tax… When do WE get to enjoy the benefits of our OWN labour?

    It’s high time Canadians stood up and said “Enough is enough”!! The politicians are the ones who are spending ludicrous amounts of money on the most ridiculous of things, driving us into debt, and forcing taxes ever higher. Why do WE — the average, hard-working Canadians — have to foot the bill for THEIR mistakes? For THEIR over-spending?

    I say enough is enough. If our government can’t accomplish what they want with the money we give them, then THEY need to make some cuts. If you blow your pay on gambling, you can’t go to your boss and say hey, “I don’t have enough money, so you HAVE to give me a raise”. But that’s what our government consistently seems to do. They waste what they’re given, then crank up our taxes to pay for the stuff they SHOULD have use our taxes on in the first place. Why not cut back on on Government instead? Like, how about getting rid of a few politicians? Can we not merge a few positions into one? How about getting rid of some of these useless, redundant government programs and agencies? How about some pay cuts? Does Joe-Blow Stuffed Suit politician really need to earn $100,000 per year to sit in parliament one or two days per week? Does every single politician need to have a expense account larger than most Canadian’s annual income? No, none of it is necessary, it’s just a hole in the proverbial bucket, and the average Canadian is the one left trying to keep it full.

    What we need to do is send a message. We need to let the government know that we’re NOT okay with this kind of rampant spending anymore, and that we’re going to hold them accountable for their nonsense.

    How do we send that message? My idea is simple, non-violent, and it will get the government’s attention REALLY QUICKLY and let them know we’re dead serious about this. I’m through breaking my back so some do-nothing pencil pusher can have a Lexus and a million dollar home, it just isn’t fair. Enough is enough.

    So the plan is this: Don’t file your taxes for the 2010 year, and don’t file until the government reduces the total tax amount to NO MORE than 30% of your total annual income.

    If the government can’t operate on less than that, then what the hell do we need them for? The government is here for US, WE made them, WE pay them, and if we are determined enough, we change things and make life a little better, and a little easier for everyone.

    Food for thought.

  • Bob2 said:

    I applaud those single parents who are forced to slave their guts out to make a less than reasonable living, most often at more than one job, in order to provide a life for their children.

    Only an unskilled, single parent knows the trials and tribulations of working at menial, low paying jobs and then have the further responsibility to provide the love and nourishment that raising a healthy family demands.

    As if their lives are not difficult enough, they are often forced to put with the cynicism and profiling of ignoramuses such as Lauren and a couple of others in here, never mind those they face on the street.

    And now a further portion of their hard earned income is being ripped from the mouths and backs of their children by the HST.

    It’s about time ALL Canadians stood up and raised their voices in saying, “Enough is bloody well Enough!”

  • Joey said:


    Although some of what you’re saying make sense, you should know that lottery winnings are NOT taxed in Canada.

  • Kim said:

    I’m trying to figure this ridiculous calculation out. I am a SINGLE INCOME family with an income of less than $40k (my daughter is 18 and living mainly with me). I received a whopping $100 cheque. My brother and sister in law who are a TWO INCOME family with NO children and a combined income of over $120k received a combined benefit of $335. Can someone PLEASE explain how this makes sense??? Shouldn’t the people with the lower income receive more???

  • Singlemom said:

    OK so I have just read over every single comment and it seems 99% of you are just complaining about the Canadian government or bashing/defending the single parent. I have been a single parent (not married by choice) for 11 years, I have ALWAYS worked and worked hard for my income, my daughters have a roof over their head, clothes on their back, food in their tummy’s yet no spare money for fun activities …. oops sorry I have to save money for that.
    Those people who have a great paying job/career can complain about the HST as much as the single parent can. Ontario residences are getting more money from the government then people in BC are, so the people in Ontario are lucky. Yes, it is a different amount depending on how many people are in the house, income, etc yet in BC we only get the HST credit IF we are classed as low income.

    Lauren said:
    So basically your average people who go out work to make $ and afford to live get screwed again. Lovely so when is the government gonna recogonize your average hard working individual who is single with no kids??? Seems like we are always the one that suffer in order to help people who go out have kids with different people and sit around doing nothing.
    The government goes by your income claimed when you file your income tax.

    People state that single parents “struggle”, yes we do because we only have 1 income to support more than just ourselves. Yet there are single people with no children who struggle as well. As far as I’m concerned, those people who have never been in our situation shouldn’t judge as one day YOU could be in the same boat, just as I won’t judge those who make a load of money. Typical saying “don’t judge a book by it’s cover”

    Bob2 said: Only an unskilled, single parent knows the trials and tribulations of working at menial, low paying jobs and then have the further responsibility to provide the love and nourishment that raising a healthy family demands.
    Not all single parents are unskilled, this is a stereo type. Would you say that a man in a nice suit is making lots of money just because e’s in a suit?

    Everyone should just wake up and realize that we ave been paying the HST for years, it’s just been seperated by GST and PST. Yes most things were exempt from the PST and now their not (which sucks) but we have always paid the 12% or more.

  • Lola said:

    Well put Jessica.

  • RHONDA said:

    as a single person with a disability actually several health issues. i’ve tried for a number of years going back to school upgrading then trying to find a job to support msyelf til my health became such an issue the stress of trying to even find a job put my health in jeopardy. to some this may sound like an excuse. let me explain i have arthritis since i was eight years old *yes since eight*, also have one leg shorter than the other which affects my hips and aggravates my arthritis there. as well have blood disorder from years of poor nurition do to poor upbringing *healthy food cost a lot of money* now i spend a hundred dollars week most weeks on food to stay healthy and to prevent any more health issues. i am on income assistance disability part permenantly as my doctor informed me last year i won’t be able to work. as well i have depression issues and suffer from P.T.S.D. i’ve struggled for years to pay for my rent and utilites and food without having much of a life at all nothing leftover. cause most of my money for food was going on rent and utilities. i went to food banks but their foods are foods i couldn’t eat. as well i have several allergies specifically beef pork and lactose intolerant. I WENT WITHOUT cable, phone, internet, cell phone, computer etc for years. The last three years I haven’t had to go without cable phone internet and cell phone, thanks to my father who realized how much i’ve suffered. pretty much due to money forces me to be a hermit stay in my house and not go anywhere cant’ afford it. to do anythign these days requires transportation *money*, to go hang out at someone’s place is still transportation and food more money depends on the activity everything requires transportation with gas prices so high its impossible to do anything.

    now i know ppl are banging on single parents but i tend to agree cause i have ”ex sister-in-law”, who gets baby bonus gst and works full time and gets money from my brother every single month. she somehow pays her rent utilities when reminded by my brother to buy groceries for the kids, she also affords ciggerettes and weed and her pepsi and the occassional booze. my brother now doesn’t give her much money becaue out of those three children only one of them girls are his but he still struggles to find money necessary for the other two when necessary usually clothes, pads etc things a girl needs. ages 15 9 and six years old. The reason i am agreeing is cause this woman has enough money more money than my mother ever did to support us three kids and she can’t support her three children on the money she gets because she blows it on weed pepsi and ciggerettes and booze. oh did i mention she buys a lot of take outs!!!! So i understand why i get angry about single parents complaining they don’t have enough money i understand the PARENTS THAT ACTUALLY DO SPEND THE MONEY WISELY ARE SMART BUT THOSE WHO AREN’T WELL TOO DAMN BAD you shouldn’t get more money than the rest of us.

    i am single and i haven’t burdened the system by having any children and i am fully capable of having children but i don’t cause i don’t want to be another burden on anyone else’s shoulders. i am thirty three years old! single childless and with many different health issues aren’t life threatening except for blood disorder and asthma. i didn’t have children by three different fathers like my ex sis in law did! now i understand some of ppl’s frustrations! but remember this those parents get baby bonus my mom explained to me that it just for having children that they get baby bonus. i could go ahead and have a baby but with my luck i be having twins or faternal as one of my issues is i release two eggs every other month and also identical runs in the family so my chances of having four righ toff the bat scares me spitless and with the way men’s attitudes are these days not all of them jsut most are horrible and they run from responsibilities. So please before ANYONE GETS ALL UPSET FROM MY STATEMENT PLEASE READ CAREFULLY. i didn’t bash the serious parents who don’t do foolish things but i see enough parents blow money on things they shouldn’t even my own mother smoked and drank and partied that left us kids without.

    As a single person with disability and health issues its a struggle to make ends meet on income assistance they dont’ give enough for housing and utilites to be specific 535 for rent and 17 dollars a month for power. so you tell me how a person survives on that? as well most of us only get maybe 200 dollars a month for food, landline phone, transportation, necessities like toilet paper, pads *for women*, garbage bags, blue bags with recyclign around our expense gone up!. i am sure the average single person working full time making good money makes at least 1000 to 1500 a month can afford all those things. Where on income assistance you can’t do half the normal things.

    Before judging me remember this I tried to find jobs that allow me to be independent and stable but as a deaf person they don’t still don’t recognize us as equal to hearing persons. Still a stigma about deaf people. We are stupid apparently! My IQ probably higher than most people’s and my english is definitely better than a lot of hearing people and still wouldn’t get interviews or even get interview they dont’ call me back later after they realize i am deaf.

    Deaf people are a big majority on income assistance because no one recognizes us as equal to all of you. Deaf persons are on the bottom of the scale. Blind persons, persons with physical disabilities are recognized as equals but a deaf person means to most people that there is something wrong with our brains we are retarded is what they say. All that is wrong with us is our hearing was destroyed mine was destroyed by surgery and overdose of general anasthetic by hospital doctors.

  • steve said:

    Hi everyone,

    Everyone on this board has made valid points. I know that instead of arguing amongst ourselves about this topic that we should all be entitled to some sort of rebate, although to the people like myself that make more than 30+ a year if we were to receive a rebate then our taxes would rise even higher. There is no victory point for us but to realize we made a choice to fulfill our goals in life and if you’re going to blame the people that may have not so much of a per say “ambitious”or “oppurtunistic” lifestyle than we have had then you are not fulfilling the lifestyle you chose. There is a small percentage of people that abuse the system but you must look at the bigger picture and realize that everyone plays their part in society, good or bad and we must take the good with the bad.

  • Angie said:

    I am not a single parent but a married, working mother of four boys who still struggles to make ends meet. We received a whopping $24 in HST credit (for the entire year). With two of my boys in adult sizes for clothing and shoes (who no longer qualify for a tax exemption on these items due to the HST) the measly credit will definitely not help one bit. I can see nothing but more money leaving our family which means less for the kids, never mind luxury items. The cost of living is ridiculous enough here in BC, we certainly did not need the added cost of the HST, especially on things like adult sized clothing and shoes for kids and school supplies. It already costs over $400 for school supplies alone, never mind the clothing over the year as they continue to get taller!

  • kat said:

    hey we are both hard working parents and can’t receive these payments because suppossibly we make to much money ….this is such a farce just like the child tax credit ….the govt thinks that $200 a month helps with raising kids…..yeah right ,they could at least give us more even if we are working parents , it should be the same for everyone in the country no matter rich or poor ….. these dumb a…. that are on welfare get more than hard working folks not right

  • Suzy said:

    Ok I’m a single parent by choice but I did explore the option of going on welfare when my child was really sick and I hear you only get (at most) $600/month to live off of soo at least get your fact straight. I dont get a gst/hstcheck in my mail box since I make too much but I struggle all the same since having extra food in the pantry and an extra room on the rent takes it toll. I hate the hst but I dont whine and complain, if you hate it soo much that you blame someone on welfare or ei or children then move to Alberta. I dont mind paying the extra $5 a paycheque for people that need it. I hate it when people say “i deserve more!” take your pain and sorrow and anger inside of you because there are a lot more families that do deserve more and they are silent about it.

  • lucky said:

    well said SUZY, i really have no word for praise, because you gave exact words which i was thinking. i am married with two children and some time ialso have that periiod when i hate this HST, but when u see people like SUZY,tammy and dawna single parent’s struggling but enjoying life without compalining, i lookforward to see life in different context which is ‘POSITIVE LOOK’ or ‘POSITIVE APPROACH’.Iam not dum and stupid, to say that $100ea is enough,but its better than nothing.I have read each and every comment but, except negativity i haven’tseen anything.NOt only negativity but most of them are pure selfishness.

  • jane said:

    wow I can hardly believe there is so much debate and controversary over this subject of hst/gay I’m surprised

  • Darcie said:

    I am a single person who is taking care of their parent. I feel lucky that I live in one of the most beautiful places in the world. I have a roof over my head and food on my table and I know that this is more than alot of people have. The people who are saying that they should get more or that it isnt enough where do you think that money comes from. ALL OF US TAX PAYERS. What your asking is for the government to increase taxes so you get more back tell me where the logic is in that?

  • christal said:

    I have a friend who chooses to work only 20 hours per week so that she can stay home and hang out with her son. She has him enrolled in full time daycare that she pays for by subsidy because her income is low (because she chooses not to increase it: she has the opportunity to) so that she can send him to daycare whenever she feels like having a day of watching tv or going out with friends. on top of this she has a 3 bedroom townhouse in a co-op that she pays $275/month for, again because her income is low.
    I undrestand that there are people out there who are working hard and need subsidy and co-ops to survive but the system is set up in a way that allows lazy people to choose not to work because they can have the taxes of those of us who do work pay their way.

  • Lauren said:

    To Jessica,

    I think your rudeness is because you have a co** stuck up your @$$.

    Yours Sincerely,

    (apparently a bigot)

  • Lindsay said:

    WOW. People are assholes!! This is not a tax for people who sit around and do nothing!! Some people are less fortunate than others and don’t have the resources to attend school for better jobs. Most of these people work a MILLION times harder than the people with high paying jobs who sit at a desk! No, I’m not saying that all of the people with high paying jobs don’t work hard, but they do not have the right to assume that this tax is only for people who don’t do anything at all, there are SO MANY hard working people who recieve this, they just don’t get paid very much. Think before you offend people.

  • Karen said:

    Just out of curiosity..has anyone even read themselves what this tax is for?? I am a single mother as well..and understand both sides that are being discussed..however..did anyone understand why this tax was created? All I seem to see are comments about why people are idiots for their comments.. I don’t expect a hand out from anyone for my mistakes or where my life has lead..but this tax was created for several reasons..please make sure you are well informed before trashing why the government chose to create this. Make sure you understand why this tax is in place..and then remember we have way more rights in this country than others. We also have higher paying jobs in this country than even the States. We have more rights and benefits..just remember in other countries you wouldn’t even be able to express yourself in a forum such as this..
    It is like the show Lang and O”Leary..where he complains about taxes and she says “well actually I like certain taxes because I like to drive on a road that is paved!” Taxes are needed, however…how some are arranged or set about we may not like..but they are meant to benefit us..please be considerate of others and remember the main objective here..it is alright to have an opinion but perhaps people could be a little more appropriate with their comments..at least we aren’t in Greece or Europe where they are struggling to keep their heads afloat..take care everyone..and get informed and appreciate what you have before judging..PAY IT FORWARD!!

    Thank you.

  • Jack said:

    You are all mentally unstable. 95% of all the information in all of your comments is not valid. Better look at what you are posting.
    I am single with no kids and I get the GST tax credit.
    You do NOT pay tax on lottery winnings,
    And the reason we pay so much tax is to support all the bottom feeders on welfare because they are too lazy to take the jobs that are out there and our medical system.

  • tricia said:

    Stop being a selfish b!/@# not every parent sits around doing nothing okay my son was born with a heart condition I didnt sit around doing nothing no I took him to sickkids and doctors appointments 24/7
    We go swimming we go to the park when im sitting at home on my @$$ I am playing with him and his toys.. Iam cleaning for him I am cooking him breakfast snacks lunch dinner and bathing him okay us moms work 24 hours 7 days a week we sometimes get min hours sleep 5-8 cause our children still dont sleep through the night.. I am very sorry that us parents sorry I am not sorry us parents had got pregnant and sucked it up and did what we had to do and raise our children instead of not having a baby or probably getting a like you .. maybe one day when you have a child of your own maybe you wikk realize what it is like and I hope you eont sit on your @$$ all effing day long
    … ppl like u really tick me off

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