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Ontario HST Exemptions and Rebates

21 January 2010 67 Comments
Ontario HST Exempt

We have received a lot of emails asking for a comprehensive list of HST exemptions in Ontario, so here it is. The following is from the Ontario Ministry of Revenue website, which can be found here.

Rebates and Exemptions

The HST will not be charged on the following items that are currently not subject to PST:

  • Basic groceries

  • Prescription drugs

  • Certain medical devices

  • Child care

  • Residential rents

  • Municipal public transit

  • Most health and education services

  • Legal aid

  • Most financial services

  • Tutoring

  • Music lessons

Consumers will not have to pay the provincial portion of the HST for:

  • Qualifying prepared food and beverages sold for $4.00 or less

  • Print newspapers

  • Children’s clothing and footwear

  • Children’s car seats and car booster seats

  • Diapers

  • Feminine hygiene products

  • Books (including audio books)

Buyers of new homes will receive a rebate of up to $24,000 regardless of the price of the new home.

  • Buyers of new residential rental properties will receive a similar rebate

  • The HST will not apply to purchases of resale homes.

Taxable Status of Goods and Services for Consumers Under the HST – Examples

No Change in Taxable/Exempt Status

  • Admissions to Sporting Events
  • Adult Incontinence Products
  • Auto Insurance
  • Auto Rentals
  • Basic Groceries
  • Books
  • Cable TV Service
  • Cell Phone Charges
  • Certain Medical Devices
  • Child Car Seats and Car Booster Seats
  • Child Care Services
  • Children’s Clothing
  • Children’s Footwear
  • Cleaning Products (e.g., Soaps, Detergents)
  • Clothing
  • Crafting Supplies (Scissors, Yarn)
  • Diapers
  • Feminine Hygiene Products
  • Furniture
  • Home Insurance
  • Home Maintenance Equipment (Lawnmowers, Snow Blowers, Sprinklers)
  • Home Phone Services
  • Luggage, Briefcases, Bags, etc.
  • Mortgage Interest Costs
  • Most Educational Services
  • Most Health Care Services
  • Movie Tickets
  • Municipal Public Transportation
  • Municipal Water
  • Music Lessons
  • Newspapers
  • Over-the-Counter Medication
  • Pharmacist Dispensing Fees
  • Prepackaged Computer Software
  • Prepared Foods Sold for $4 or Less
  • Prescription Drugs
  • Radios, Stereos, CD Equipment and Accessories
  • Refrigerators and Freezers
  • Residential Rent
  • Restaurant Meals
  • Tailoring
  • Toys
  • TVs, DVDs and Accessories
  • Vehicle Repairs (Parts and Labour)
  • Vehicles and Parts

Change in Taxable Status

  • Electricity
  • Gasoline
  • Heating Fuels
  • Internet Access Fees
  • Personal Services (e.g., Hairstyling)
  • Professional Services (e.g., Legal, Accounting and Real Estate Fees and Commissions)
  • Tobacco
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  • Jeannine Don said:

    This is a grave error on the part of the government to be issuing this huge tax on everyone at this time. We are still in a recession and Canada has the highest unemployment in the world and Windsor has the highest unemployment in all of Canada too. I am a senior living on my own on a fixed income and this tax will be a hardship on me and many other seniors too. We should be exempt of this tax at least. Does not the government see that we are all struggling at this time and most are having trouble keeping up their homes and paying their utility bills? PLEASE, DO SOMETHING ABOUT THIS AND CANCEL THIS TAX, WHICH IS MAKING OUR LIVES REALLY HARD TO MAKE ENDS MEET.


  • Chuck said:

    Remember as a senior you will receive permanent rebate cheques to offset your utility bills. Also look at the list and see that many items are not subject to the new HST.

  • Stephen said:

    Jeannine is absolutley right, this tax is going to hurt alot of people and not just seniors. As far as the whole host of items this tax will not be applied to, just give the government some time, they’ll figure out some way of imposing this tax not only on your paycheck but on every single item or service you purchase.

  • Brittany said:

    At least you don’t live in BC… your HST looks IDEAL compared to what we are being hit with.

  • Angus said:

    I am a single person on a limited income paying the same bills as a couple who own their homes.I understand that single people are supposed to be getting $300.00 back and couples get $1000.00.This is unacceptable and a joke,this just tells me what kind of idiot came up with what is supposed to be riembursed to us to help offset this new tax that should never have been implimented in the first place.Why should I be getting back the same as someone who doesn’t have or pay the bills on a home???The Liberal government has done everything in their power to destroy Ontario and the sooner we get them out the better Ontario will be.We were a very profitable province before the Liberals came into power and now look at us,we now receive transfer payments from the federal government and as they say,the rich get richer and the rest of us has to hope that we don’t lose what we have

  • anonym said:

    they are taxing the highest tax things already are we living in commy country

  • ann said:

    This HST is going to be a hardship on me and my husband as we are
    on fixed incomes which is barely enough to survive on already,since
    we lost a lot of money on bad advice and investments, We had all
    better start looking at getting this govt’ out of office before we
    all end up on the dole.They have done nothing for us in Ontario
    except lie everytime they open their mouths, they think that we
    are all stupid, and then they insult us with the “sunshine List”why do these people need to be making this kind of money on the taxpayers backs.

  • arlene said:

    I can not believe this or even begin to understand what is going on in parliment! As if the announcement of the HST isn’t hard enough, or going to make life even harder for those of us struggling to survive, but those that already have tax exemptions, get more. Please explain how this is fair. Those that have been receiving tax exemtions for years get to continue on not effected by our governments decisions. We all live in the same country and we are all expected to follow the same laws, yet there is still special treatment for some. Please! Why is it that those out there who do their best to support their family, and fall in that limbo where they make just over the amount for help, yet truly not enough to survive get less for baby bonus than those who dont. No help. Then there are those that live off of government assistance simply because they are to damn lazy to get a job, get even more than those that are working for a living on their baby bonus.Why not creat new policies that stop people from living off of the tax payers! Implement cut offs, seriously there is not reasson that they cant work at Tim Hortons or Mc Donalds! This is the most outragous load of crap that I have heard. It makes very hard to be proud to be Canadian when all we seem to do is make life more and more difficult for those that believe in earning their living. Hell we mine as well all start living off the government, I could really get used to $85 a month for rent and free grocies, and $600 a month between child tax credit and the universal. Why should I continue to struggle and never be able to get a head. Why should I have to choose between food or hydro, or heat and rent?

  • arlene said:

    What is going on here? If they are wanting to make the HST easier on us, it’s great that minimun wage has gone up, but what about those of us who are not new employees. I would feel much better about these changes if there was a permanent off-set. Like a wage increase for all employees. How are people supposed to survive when the cost of liveing goes up, but wages ans salaries stay the same. Just this March it went up to $10.75, almost a dollar, but for all those old employees our wgaes stayed the same! Why are all employers not forced to provided all their employess with the same raise! Ontario will very wuickly turn in to either a province filled with homeless people, because shelters are full, or nothing but millionairs because no one else will be able to afford the cost of living!

  • Kayleigh said:

    I hope you guys dont get blinded by the 13% hst. We have all been paying 13% in total, 5% GST & 8% PST/RST, so what are you complaining about? The only difference is that the 2 separate taxes are now combined in one. If you read above, there is a list of items/group of items are are PST exempt that are STILL exempt or NOT subject to HST. All final consumers are still paying the SAME total taxes. I advise you to read more on the basics of GST & PST/RST so you’ll understand this better.

  • Marie Dawson said:

    The thing that worries me the most is that we will be paying HST on electricity and fuels. Hydro one has just put up their rates (high to start with) and now we will have to pay more and more, especially as we are STILL paying down the old ontario hydro debt. I can live with most increases but the electricity and fuel increases scare me.

  • Chris said:

    I think most people hear the word tax and run for the hills.Maybe there should be a program either through tv,or radio so everyone
    knows exactly what it is.Tax is not an obstacle ,ignorance is.
    Most people I talk to about HST,do not understand.
    This is a problem
    We were overloaded with pre- olympic hype and that is fantastic.
    Now we need to be educated on the new tax,with the same attention.
    This is a small Country of savers and consumers.
    The Government need to understand the mind-set of a Canadian.

  • Julius said:

    Kayleigh – that’s not entirely correct. We know that we have been paying 8% + 5% = 13% on most things, but the problem with this new tax is that it is going to be applied to a lot more things where there never was a tax before, or where only one of the two taxes applied.

    And as for all those that say that there will be a tax reduction to offet the increase, all I can say is that that is another McGuinty promise. For the HST, he’s made 2 promises. The first one is “I promise to raise your taxes” the second one is “I promise to lower your taxes”.

    If you really believe that McGuinty will keep both of those promises, then that’s all well and good. However, I look at his track record and I think he’ll break one of them.

    Guess which one.

  • LISA said:

    The Citizens of Toronto (including myself) should start a petition in front of premier Mcguinty’s office. Why does the middle and lower class residents have to pay for the upper class to live in luxury especially individuals like Mcguinty. This new tax is just a recipe for crime increase.

  • Steve said:

    Am I wrong in thinking that since we already pay 14.1 cents per litre *(for road tax) of provincal tax on gas and diesel there will now be a tax break

  • Craig Bell said:

    I don’t know if the government is in touch with reality. I have not had a raise in 4 yrs. Every bill i pay has gone up every year. Saving money is no longer happening. It is impossible to get on top.

    I cannot do the extra things I used too. So this means I am putting more people out of business for the reason they count on my business. I am sure there are more people like me.

    Imagine how the increased tax will affect us all more businesses closing more people unable to pay there bills. The government is doing an awesome job of making us poor.

    It is too bad we all couldn’t be civil servants. Where raises and job security is gauranteed.

    Dalton is deffinatly out of touch.

  • jon said:

    Ontarians in my view are getting a break compared to us here in Que.
    We already with the atlantic provinces have been paying for several years the two taxes combined (here it’s 5%+7.5% ) and a very very few exemptions, just food and baby supplies. Now they are putting up the provinical part to 8.5% in 2011 and 9.5% in 2012. We do get a $300. rebate check to offset the extra expense. Party on!!!

  • Marianne said:

    Hi, in response to you who say why can’t you just get a job and get off government assistance. Lady there are no jobs here in London Ontario. The bus strike which the great Canadian government did absolutely nothing about I lost a really good job and have not been able to find one not even at freakin Mcdonald’s because no one is hiring. Stores here at the mall which had a hundred stores closed. There are no jobs here.

    The bus strike put hundreds out of work. The government should put our assistance higher to help us get more education. No, they can’t do that. It’s so easy to judge when your not in the same situation. Get real. The whole country is stupid for doing this. All the rich Ontarians are going to go to the US to buy even more goods and its going to get even worse.

  • Ken said:

    The moral bankruptcy displayed by this government seems to be boundless.
    Ask yourself what is the end game of governments that always increase taxes? They won’t stop until they take everything you have.

    They claim that this will be revenue neutral? Ask the entire cabinet and every MPP if they will resign and never run again if that proves to be false? Not one of them will agree to that because they know they are lying.

  • Stavros said:

    The HST is a tax that was NOT well thought out. The Provincial Librals did not learn from the mid 90′s Conservative party. The GST cost them party status and almost whiped them off the map. As an Ontario voter, November 2011 will be the day we all show our premier how we really feel when the Ontario Liberals also loose party status.

    All the sheeple out there should contact their MPP and voice there concern.

    below is a list of all the MPP email addres. LET YOUR VOICE BE HEARD
    [email protected]’; ‘[email protected]’; ‘[email protected]’; ‘[email protected]’; ‘[email protected]’; ‘[email protected]’; ‘[email protected]’; ‘[email protected]’; ‘[email protected]
    [email protected]’; ‘[email protected]’; ‘[email protected]’; ‘[email protected]’; ‘[email protected]’; ‘[email protected]’; ‘[email protected]’; ‘[email protected]’; ‘[email protected]’; ‘[email protected]’; ‘[email protected]’; ‘[email protected]’; ‘[email protected]’; ‘[email protected]’; ‘[email protected]’; ‘[email protected]’; ‘[email protected]’; ‘[email protected]’; ‘[email protected]’; ‘[email protected]’; ‘[email protected]’; ‘[email protected]’; ‘[email protected]’; ‘[email protected]’; ‘[email protected]’; ‘[email protected]’; ‘[email protected]’; ‘[email protected]’; ‘[email protected]’; ‘[email protected]’; ‘[email protected]’; ‘[email protected]’; ‘[email protected]’; ‘[email protected]’; ‘[email protected]’; ‘[email protected]’; ‘[email protected]’; ‘[email protected]’; ‘[email protected]’; ‘[email protected]’; ‘[email protected]’; ‘[email protected]’; ‘[email protected]’; ‘[email protected]’; ‘[email protected]’; ‘[email protected]’; ‘[email protected]’; ‘[email protected]’; ‘[email protected]’; ‘[email protected]’; ‘[email protected]’; ‘[email protected]’; ‘[email protected]’; ‘[email protected]’; ‘[email protected]’; ‘[email protected]’; ‘[email protected]’; ‘[email protected]’; ‘[email protected]’; ‘[email protected]’; ‘[email protected]’; ‘[email protected]’; ‘[email protected]’; ‘[email protected]’; ‘[email protected]’; ‘[email protected]’; ‘[email protected]’; ‘[email protected]’; ‘[email protected]’; ‘[email protected]’; ‘[email protected]’; ‘[email protected]’; ‘[email protected]’; ‘[email protected]’; ‘[email protected]’; ‘[email protected]’; ‘[email protected]’; ‘[email protected]’; ‘[email protected]’; ‘[email protected]’; ‘[email protected]’; ‘[email protected]’; ‘[email protected]’; ‘[email protected]’; ‘[email protected]’; ‘[email protected]’; ‘[email protected]’; ‘[email protected]’; ‘[email protected]’; ‘[email protected]’; ‘[email protected]’; ‘john.yakabuski@pc.ola.org’; ‘dzimmer.mpp@liberal.ola.org’

  • Joe said:

    For over a year now, Mr. McGuinty has been looking us in the eye and with a straight face, has repeatedly informed us that the HST is “revenue neutral” and that the new HST is “NOT” a tax increase.

    It turns out that Mr. McGuinty, now faced with some undeniable Stats Canada HST impact figures, has changed his tune and admitted that “there will be a tax increase” for Ontario families as a result of the HST. In doing so, he has exposed himself again to be the greatest lying political leader since Brian Mulroney!

    We then learned that the HST would kick in two months early for services delivered after July 1st without so much as a whisper that this was coming down until 24 hours before it would take effect. Shameful!

    To add insult to injury, this government is now wasting millions of dollars on a misleading, taxpayer funded advertising campaign that
    continues to lie to taxpayers. Again shameful!

    Now, Mr. McGuinty has now taken the position that this HST impact is short-term pain and will be offset by the savings that business will pass on to consumers in the future.

    I guess that he has forgotten that federal conservatives used the same lie. We are still waiting for the lower prices.

    I have been writing to my MPP for over a year which has been largely ignored except for some prepared text on how good the HST is for us.

    I implore you all to send all Liberal MPP’s an email every day until July 1st demanding that they lower the overall rate to a flat 10% and/or exempt necessities such as gasoline, home heating, and electricity.

    Their contact info is on this page….http://www.ontla.on.ca/web/members/members_current.do?locale=en

  • Larry said:

    I don’t understand why sporting events admission are exempt but electricity is not, Cell phone charges and cable are exempt, but heating fuel is not, which are necessities and which are not? This tax makes no sense at all. And this is the wrong time to do it, our economy is far from stable. The last thing you want is for consumers to cut or stop their spending. I guess the Liberals need more money in the coffers for their personal tax payer funded pensions.

  • Suzie said:

    What’s really hard to swallow about the HST is the additional 8% we’ll all be paying on certain “necessities of life: electricity and home heating fuel. And, for many of us, another “necessity” that’s going to cost 8% more is gasoline. For people of little means because of low-paying jobs or fixed incomes this is a real tragedy. And, even though I am a bit of a news junkie, read the Globe every day, listen to the news on TV and the radio, etc., I STILL don’t understand why the HST is “good for business,” although the government keeps asserting this as a fact. The only “business” I can readily see that this will be good for is the government itself.

    I wouldn’t mind a “luxury” tax; say an additional tax on jewelry or on new cars over a certain value. But an additional tax on necessities? This is a regressive tax. Hits the poor and the working class far more than those of means.

    And what else has this government done to make it more expensive for all of us? It used to be the case that OHIP was paid for by employers — 2% of payroll. That’s still in place (I think), but about 5 years ago they added the special health care tax on everybody’s income tax (anybody earning above $20,000 pays something more). And about that same time, the gov’t de-listed eye exams (unless you have an astigmatism). The first time I went to get my eyes checked after this change, I was charged $89. I enquired about how much the optometrist would have received under OHIP. $32 or $34 (I forget which) was the answer. I wish I were able to increase my income over night by 250%, don’t you? The gov’t also de-listed physiotherapy.

    It’s not getting any easier.

  • evelyn.buck@rogers,com said:

    Citizens need to understand the mindset of government economists.

    In their thinking, everything belongs to the government.

    Ours is what they allow us to keep.

    Listen to their language. You will hear the concept repeated over and over again.

  • Lill said:

    You are missing the point.

    Why is the government taxing things like heating fuel, gas, hydro etc?? Come on, if you want to make a lot of ‘sure’ money wouldn’t you also tax ESSENTIALS?

    If they are ESSECTIALS, then the populous will be needing them.
    As in opposition to non-essential things which people have a choice on purchasing, and so therefore would avoid buying because they are taxed.

    They have covered all the bases. We are all ‘out’ before reaching first base.

  • Wayne said:


    This is yet again tax grab for an out of control government. Canada is a welfare state with a cradle to grave support mentality.

    Comrades we need to support those needy single moms out there with several children and generations of families on welfare. We live in a great country where someone on disablity get an income tax refund, where a single mother gets a tax return, where we pay people for doing nil, nadda, ziltch. I get to pay 50% or more of my income to support these great programs…..i love this country, where else in the world can you arrive with no passport, no job, no understanding of english and get money, health care and free stuff!

    Comrades this is just one more step on the redistrubution of wealth.
    A quote form maxism/communism:
    ” Every man will have a chicken and a bicycle”

  • George Bishop said:

    Make sure we blame the Federal Government(Tories) as they are the ones who proposed this VAT Tax on people in B.C. and Ontario, and seeing that Ontario is very broke, Dalton could not resist, ask the Provincial Tories if they would repeal the HST in the period alloted, think its three years after it’s implemented, so far they have said Nothing! I would expect them to keep it, they are all at the Trough for taking your Money.
    Dalton should be kicked out just the same, as he never tells the Truth!

  • bk said:

    the liberal party of ontario is a party propped up by women; women love taking other people’s money and the government is the nonpareil in this area. Really, it’s frightening; I believe we should start shooting lawyers and politicians. Oh, before some jew lawyer sues me or some vagina reports me to the canadian human rights commission, I was kidding.

    What a bunch of fucking losers

  • Jake said:

    I’d rather this tax then they succumb to other measures to mend the economic crisis. Would you really rather they cut funding to hospitals and schools?

  • Jack said:

    Liberals are big spenders of OUR money.We are being taxed too much already.They always find a way to take more from us. Liberals have to GO.

  • warrior of revolution said:

    well people, talking will do nothing, the time is to act! something must be done, our governments no longer speak for the people. It doesn’t matter if its the liberals or the conservatives, its the government, the system is corrupt, regardless if you speak of provincial or federal. The middle class are poor, the poor are now homeless, the homeless are starving, and what is being done? Nothing. I’ve lost everything because of this recession (my job, my home.. and now live in my broke car) and now they want to take more, this Hst is just another way to take more from the poor.

  • Mike M said:

    Hey ! Folks, throwing THIS government out in the hopes that the next one will do better, is like wishing upon a star, Won’t happen in Anyones lifetime. Government is only concerned with one thing…”GOVERNMENT”………all the lil peeps just have to keep allowing the to take there/our money. ……So in closing , ENJOY your life and what you have, for soon you / I / We will Die.

    Mike M

  • WA said:

    The Government of British Columbia has taken a more intelligent approach by using the federal funds to lower the HST for everyone, charging 12% versus the 13% HST to be paid in Ontario. This is fairer since all people who pay the HST will pay less.
    The HST, like he GST and PST, is presented as a “flat tax” and, therefore should be applied without rebates and exemptions. However, as it apparently requires relief for some, rebates are incorporated as part of the HST system. It is obvious that a flat tax system cannot prevail without measures that tend to transform it into a “progressive tax” system ” . Our Income Tax system is a progressive tax, so, why not just reset the Income Tax parameters and drop these perverted sales taxes. This would have the added advantage of reducing the cost of collecting taxes since duplicate government services would not be required.

  • Wayne G said:




  • Rob Ward said:

    What about tax on batteries?
    What about tax on batteries used in tax excempt items? Suuch as toys or lawnmowers.

  • marie said:

    People you are looking at this all wrong the reason that heat and hydro are taxed is because we sell our hydro and natural gas to other countries mainly the usa and now when they buy that from canada they will have to pay the extra % on it which means more money for the canadian government we have to pay on our heat and hydro which will be pennies compared to what those buying compaines will now have to pay …the government was very clever and sneaky when the came up with this idea…….PS WHEN THERE IS AN ELECTION IN NOV 2011 DOES IT REALLY MATTER IF THE NOW GOVERNMENT DOES NOT GET VOTED BACK IN BECAUSE ANYBODY WHO DOES IS GOING TO TURN OUT TO BE AN A—–HOLE THEY ALWAYS DO

  • dan said:

    why are we paying taxes on the taxes we already pay on gas/tabacoo/ alchol….and who knows what else…….I resently saw a government (provincial & federal) on infrastructure in my small town where as the town payed the taxes on 2.5 million in grants…..what the FFFFF

  • Terry said:

    This is pathetic while they spend all the money on “useful” things, such as the renovations of nathan fillips square and the fake lake for G20/8 and much much much more. Like next they will make us pay for breathing oxygen. And they are smart they tax all the resources we use each day not once a while, like clothing shopping and etc. but for – electricity, gas, internet to just get more money out of us. they should get the response like the government did in Greece, maybe that will make them think of other people.

  • The HST Now in Effect | HST in Canada said:

    [...] exemptions between the provinces, it’s set to 13% in Ontario and 12% in British Columbia. See HST exemptions for Ontario – See HST exemptions for [...]

  • Tony said:

    Sad, but the olny way to stop this insane goverment of ours is for all of us to come together and say no, violence is not a good thing but I see more of it happening as frustration grows. Time to take back Canada people, the goverment has no care for us we need a massive revolt angainst them, or else this will never end. Hst at a time when people are struggling to make ends meet, evil and gredy people run this country.

  • Richard said:

    Well basically from what I can gather is a couple things. People have stated that we pay for programs like welfare and baby bonuses from our tax dollars… as well as many other things. People on here have complained that there are no jobs however the HST will likely pay for new jobs to be created. HST exeptions make sense over a flat tax on everything due to kids being an added cost that not everyone has to deal with… getting a break when you have kids is nice as in effect “we” are providing the next generation for your “comfy” pensions. HST does increase costs of live with respect to power and gas… however this is a required negative. Nobody like paying bills but it’s all about middle class living within our means. The problem many people have is not everyone can be rich… it is an impossibility. HST will lower the average persons living standards which means less car crowding the streets and less vactions out of country. There is no way a revolt/bitching/petitioning will just make a countries problems go away. Our country has a debt that our fathers and parents created… and we are now responsible for. Seniors are made because their pensions don’t go as far… however they are living off the backs of the current working class. When I retire we’ll be lucky to have any money left for CPP. Look at it this way, things could be worst. Money has to come from somewhere… and if you want to take the side of the “middle class” worker… we then you’ll really see less jobs as companies will leave canada. That is why the middle class always gets boned… we have enough money to pay the tax and not enough to effectively fight anything in courts. HST is not the worst thing ever… however unless your a finacial analyst and currently know what numbers the government has to deal with then really “we” have no right to be extreme in dealing with the added expenses. Our government is not “out to get us”… our government does the best it can with what is has.

  • jandyszakony said:

    List of “now taxable” seems to omit two of my pet peeves about the HST.

    1. Postage. Now subject to 13% from 5%. Even if the postage is to be used for EXPORT purposes!
    2. SERVICES. government consultants, book-keeping, draftsmen, courier and delivery (does this include newspaper carriers?), massage, accounting, income tax preparation, some physical therapy, interior design, landscaping, snow plowing, lawn cutting, garbage and recycling pickup, personal shoppers, etc, etc. If you can name a non-licensed medical/pharmaceutical service, it has just seen an 8% price increase in Ontario.

  • Melissa said:

    I am really sick of people relying on Others to help them out. I am a stay at home mom with a working husband that makes a half decent salary but nothing spectacular with just one income. This HST is doing absolutely nothing to help us, we will actually be paying extra from now on, there is no tax releif for us, its the same people that get handouts all the time that will be benefiting from it. I don’t receive any tax credits for staying home with my child, I don’t see anything but money constantly being taking from our pockets. I lived in Alberta for 12 years and now moving back to Ontario it sickens me how much money is being taken from those middle class people that work as hard as others.

  • Arty said:

    Kayleigh – you’re wrong. Take your own advice and actually read the rules above (Changes in Taxable Status).

    The things we didn’t pay both taxes on are the most crucial – Electricity, Gasoline and Heating Fuels.

    I’ve been a provincial Liberal support for a number of years, but this is the straw that broke the camel’s back. I’ll vote against them in the next election.

  • L said:

    I’m part of the new generation, and I’ve hardly even started a career yet, and these are the exact choices the government makes that made me choose not to vote.

    If nobody voted, period, would that mean nobody enters parliament, what happens? A whole reinvention of Canadian Government? I already feel technologically and as people we’ve superseded the government, we no longer need them, a new system needs to be created, all these people do is steal more and more of our money.

    Their actions and their choices show they no longer know what’s best for the nation, and are a marginal reason why we went into recession in the first place and now they’re making it worse.

    I hope more then anything that my own children realize the same, and people of my generation. These people need to be cast out for what they’ve done.

    Even their plans of rejuvenating roads are ridiculous, they’re tearing up roads that were just finished last year, wasting more of the money we give them instead of giving us a stimulus to start our own companies.

  • AL said:


  • Geoff said:

    To offset the HST I called Bell and reduced all my services to the absolute minimum. I figure the Gov’t regulates what they charge and also allows them policies and service charges unheard of in any other industry…so hey…Bell can pay my increases at the gas pumps, hydro, etc…

    If Bell doesn’t like it, well they have a heck of a lot more pull within the gov’t than the rest of us do combined!!!

  • Ron Wells said:

    Whereas I agree that the HST will add an extra burden on taxpayers it is the fairest tax that can be assessed. The more you buy the more you pay. That is why the whole world had adopted it except USA. You cannot evade it. The very rich do not pay their fair share as they normally operate within an incorporated company that avoids tax legally, and all too often illegally.

  • Fred C said:

    This Canadian ran out of patience with Canadian Libs that always have their hand in my pocket looking to expand government programs that make us more dependant on their re-distribution of our own money. If the wealthy get fed up and take a hike to the U.S., who will create the jobs all Canadians so desparately need? My patience ran out in 1989 and I am now classified as a visitor. I fear the U.S. liberals have taken page from Canadian politics and are not far behind you trailblazers of the Great White North.

  • mickey r said:

    OMG! & how does it really affect you? Barely at all. Don’t people become tired of constantly whining about things that are not a huge deal? The whole country will have this tax eventually. Who cares! No one is ever happy and it is always someone elses fault. If isn’t this tax it will be something else. I remember the whining and crying with the GST. People, get a life. You’ll roll out of bed in the morning and will be whining that is raining. Then you’ll be whining that your coffee doesn’t taste right. Then you’ll be whining about the person that cut you off or is tailgating you. Then it will be about your workload and of course a coworker and then complain about the hours you work and the lack of holiday days or sick days. This is sooo old. I live in BC we have a huge pack of babies. They know nothing about the tax and we have the biggest loser leading the pack. Sick of it and then there are stores where the tax isn’t affecting them but they put their prices up as an excuse and say some phoney excuse, ‘oh, it is the hst!’ Give me a break. You are already wripping of the consumers and lets give another sorry excuse. People are complaining about the cost of airline tickets and say it is the hst and no it isn’t. We were already paying more than double the price for airline tickets in taxes before any new tax had been introduced. We obviously have alot of free time on our hands to be big babies. Educate yourselves.

  • crob000 said:

    i love how people say this is an error or they didn’t realize the full impact it would have… of course they knew. They just don’t care!

    We are just slaves to them.

    Stop voting for one a$$ clown after another and abstain your vote!

    The people need to take back the government and get rid of all the CEO’s, investors, lawyers who run a mockery of our country.

    No one of noble right may stand upon a government position in any form nor receive payment for such duty. This would take care of most of the filth we deal with in government.

  • Marilynn said:

    I am continually outraged and flabbergasted at the apathy of the people of Ontario. I feel like we are sheep being led to the slaughter. Once it was by Mike Harris, who practically destroyed Ontario and now by Mr. McGuinty!

    I am dismayed because at one time I was a strong Liberal supporter, and I feel betrayed. At least the people of BC have the guts to show their contempt and outrage; here all we do is lay down and ask for more.

    Yes I know the amount of tax isn’t that different. I mean we were paying 8% and 5%, so what’s the difference? It’s the fact that its’ been extended on gasoline, electricity, legal and accounting and real estate fees!! Can we get by without gas? electricity?? This isn’t a warm climate. I feel like all the govt (provincial and municial) is find ways to tax us to death and I am beyond fed up.

  • Rob said:

    The gov knows best, hst is the best thing that Ontario has seen in years, suck it up, its not going anywhere

  • shawna said:

    This is bullshit! I paid $306 HST on my new fridge! And women have to pay HST on pads!!!!!!!??????? Please………I’ve probably already paid $1000 in HST total since it’s inception. Sorry but the $100 cheque I received is not going to cover it.

  • Robert said:

    Well then…upon reading all the listed responses it is apparent that the governments, both federal and provincial, have enabled the taxmen to legally fleece the public again. Like the Wizard of OZ, the machine behind the curtain, stays up nights conjuring ways to perfume the pig of rising taxes. It seems even after the curtain has been pulled back, the public is powerless to change the outcome.
    May I suggest that the gun registry fiasco and the upcoming police liberty encroachment, with regards to investigation without cause, is just the tip of the iceberg. Limiting personal freedoms is going to instill so much fear in the general public, that this forum will soon be shut down.
    As I write this opinion my mind races as to the possible resulting fallout. Am I the next to somehow become the target of governmental malfeasance? (tax audit, surveillance, trumped claims of “who knows what”) Of course not, this is Canada. Remember this is also the country that just contacted million perhaps billions in new (fighter) aircraft to support the frozen north. The cost of those aircraft could be 50% lower if they were not armed. We should take a lesson from the English Bobby. When was the last time we heard a shot being fired to defend Canada on home soil. Truth be told, the aircraft will be lent to combatants as foreign governments (aka UN) dictate. Talk about gut wrenching debt. This takes the cake.
    So should we organize peaceful protest? By taking part would we be assumed radical? Can we cover our faces, like the police do, to avoid being subject to search and seizure? Is public protest really an option in these times of such fear? Collectively we have given and continue to give the “powers that be” the will and authority to do whatever “they” deem appropriate. Scary thought, who is behind the curtain? Two words, they being “Power corrupts”. Unbridled power is what we are seeing now. Is there no true effective opposition? Seems not politically.
    Better WE should pull back the curtain. Unheard of until now. Why are all power brokers so alarmed at the Wikileaks sites? Could it be that secrecy, under the guise of national security, is the only operable way there is for governments to function? If accountability and true transparency were allowed to exist, the cover would be blown. Pulling back the curtain would reveal the true manipulators, their lackies and their motives. We can’t have that now can we? Surely chaos would ensue. The country could not possibly operate in the light of day. Have you ever seen samples of freedom of information responses? More black than white.. (pathetic) This is the current version of transparency.
    Like any self regulating profession (medical, legal, pharma, police, military) the logic goes basically that the public court system doesn’t understand the profession, so it’s ok for the insiders to regulate the occurrences of questionable conduct. Well we don’t see a lot of media coverage for professional misconduct. Could it be that the generally accepted oxy-moronic term “honestlawyer” has no basic in fact? Oh wait, the media is licensed by the government. Really, do we expect the media to bite that hand that feeds them. Last I checked, print newspapers are still HST exempt.
    Finally, in closing, there are plenty of honest people out there. Many know the truth about what is going on. Many have the information to substantiate claims of corporate and public wrong doing. Whistle blowing should become a top priority of the general public. I mean big time abuse. The most powerful players thrive on secrecy. The largest have teams of high price lawyers the likes of organized crime syndicates. If the media is acknowledged as being benign then we, the public, are little more than pawns in a game of pseudo monopoly whose predetermined outcome is only a matter of time.
    The public will continue to be legally deprived of rights until the public takes action outside of the status-quo. How can we expect positive change if we are powerless to affect change in the present socially constrained arrangement. Our only hope, as I see,,it is for John and Mary Public to pull back the curtain and expose the shame. Perhaps truth does have a chance over manipulation.

    N.B.: I have no affiliation with any political agenda.
    This is rant is IMHO.

  • annonymos said:

    all this is going to do is force more small businesses to do under the table deals. many people find an 8% cost in a service to be too much and business could be lost, under the table means even less tax will be collected. mcguinty is a moron for not thinking this though. cash not only means no hst, it means no gst or income tax. federal gov’t should have stepped in on this one.


    cant wait to move out of ontario – about time too many smelly immagrants anyways!!

  • robert reid said:

    Dalton what planet are you from you haven’t got a clue i can understand you don’t give a shit about Ontario voters as you have that rosy pension to fall back on but is the rest of your party that stupid that they think they can win the next election with you and your record .Ontario taxpayers have had enough of your lies and taxes your done like toast in the next election which cant come soon enough

  • Angela said:

    I read somewhere that this tax has not really effected people.

    Are they meaning it hasnt effected the Rich?

    I am a single mother with a mortgage and I am sorry it has effected me in a large way.

    Last summer I would have paid $240 for a camp for the week for my daughter and because of the HST it is now $310. This is already a subsidized camp and I need to find 11 weeks a year for my daughter.

    So it may not effect certain people but it has me.

    The government doesnt understand this is the worst time ever to start taking more from us. Gas prices and Groceries are through the roof. I have had to budget my groceries down to $50 a week and that is not enough.

    The government should be ashamed of themselves as I am sure they are living a cozy life during these hard times. It makes me sick to my stomach.

    I have written Dalton twice but it doesn’t matter, you can write and write and write your words are just that, WORDS!

    Thats great that we get $300 three times in the next year or two but really do they think that is going to offset the damage that will be caused because of certain things being increased?

    Life is hard to begin with and when I finally feel like I get my feet back on the ground the government pulls the carpet from under me.

    I guess if I had 20 kids on welfare I might do well and not have any worries. Shame on me for having pride and wanting more for my child. I guess I should be teaching my child that it doesn’t matter how hard you try to get by in Canada, that unless you are an immigrant or on welfare there is no hope for you.

    The Canadian Government sucks in all aspects not just this HST issue but everything!!!

  • robert said:

    Sombody Know from the old generation tht the taxes on this beautiful Contry of Canada was isntall on the first World War ,to help to pay for the effort to keep Democracy? To bad that generation is gone and the new one it’s getting demolish with a ton of taxes ,that are spended on support of the wars that our cousins provoque to sell their guns,and get more oil ,our soldiers diyng,mone spend with no control ,and WE paying more and more ,is not fare that working hard all your life to be at the end suck dry for leeches without control or compasion for people ,and in every ellection time MORE LIES!!

  • jANET said:

    This may be an old site however, I needed this info and had a hard time…

    YOUR SITE FAILED IN 2 AREAS TO IDENTIFY IF I HAVE TO PAY NOW OR NOT – ‘NO CHANGE IN TAXABLE STATUS” doesn’t tell me if I have to or not without going to look up prior years – this defeats the purpose of a quick list……

    Who ever did this did it backwards as it requires looking up prior year to apply the logic. Which was the problem in the first place. A problem that is prevelent thoughout the tax notices……and information bulletings. This lack of details would be unacceptable on my tax return – why do you consider it acceptale here?

    Can someone please fix this!

    S I M P L I F Y _ tell us what is – not what it used to be!
    Complete information!

    Or does someone feel they need a job so make it so we have to call on the phone constantly and waste time and make mistakes?

    Let’s improve the situation!

  • Revolting government said:

    Ontario is on the brink of a financial collapse that is why they implemented the HST. Decades of out of control spending and ontario hydro have brought us here. Liberal gov solution = spend and tax more – even in a recession! PC solution = sell critical public assets for pennies on the dollar (former Ontario hydro) they should have been barred from politics for that and imprisoned. Conservatives = rich get richer. I have never voted because I don’t want to be a party to a criminal offense. The sunshine list is about to push ontario over the edge financially. The province is over $200 billion in provincial debt. HST is bull. I once read somewhere that well managed government can offer tax cuts. Great theory I guess. Learn how to manage a budget and the sunshine list – hahaha that was a joke. It will be funny watching you collapse – I will be off grid by then I bet hydro will be too.


  • Zack said:








  • Kerry D. said:

    Funny how every on this site complained about the HST but somehow that bastard ended up with another 4 years..makes you wonder who the voters are..

  • Taxed 2 death said:

    I just completed a 12 month review of my hydro bills. The verdict is in: no savings by switching to off peak.

    Over the course of the past year I built a pv array and battery bank so I could commence to boycott Ontario hydro. In the process I was able to move 80% usage to off peak. When I calculated the cost of the average kilowatt overall every bill was the same: $0.20 per kilowatt hour. This means ZERO savings. Any kilowatt hour you use costs $0.20 period. No savings. Nice little shell game they have us playing like a bunch of suckers. Terms such as false and misleading come to mind for some reason.

    Boycott the 15,000 strong most of whom are on the sunshine list. Solar panels are going to replace 90% of those jobs in the next 10-20 years. The countdown is on. I’m boycotting them anyway possible. I cut my usage by 75%. By increasing taxes and prices people will use less and then you make less and get less tax. Lemonade stand economics. Smart move. Increase it more and people go off grid. Price yourselves out of the market. Roflmao. Love the stupid nanny state here. Too funny.

  • Taxation without representation said:

    Lol Norman Bates gets voted back in by his loyal zombie hoard of 1.5 million overpaid civil servants. Rofl. Ontario is an over taxed joke. I paticularly enjoyed the “HST in BC” section – um I think that part of the website should be removed now right?. Too funny. Almost time to bail out of this province before it implodes financially. Keep raising taxes boys – just like Rome and Greece eh?

  • Meribeth Wood said:

    This tax is nothing but hurtful. I think it should be called the holiday suppressant tax. Who can afford a holiday now…not I.
    Meribeth Wood

  • freedom of speech said:

    Just because I disagreed with this tax I got investigated by law enforcement. All I did was exercise freedom of speech and they harassed my employer until I lost my career. I have paid all my taxes all my life and obeyed the law and this is what I get? How can I pay this tax now? Should I just go on welfare? How can you do this to people? How can you do this to ordinary law abiding citizens asserting rights as simple as freedom of speech?

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