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HST Exemptions and Rebates in British Columbia

8 January 2010 63 Comments

The following are exempt from the B.C. provincial portion of sales tax.

  • Gasoline, ethanol, diesel and bio-diesel when used in motor vehicles as well as locomotive fuel used for trains, marine diesel used for boats, and aviation fuel and jet fuel used for aircraft.
  • Books
  • Children’s-sized clothing and footwear
  • Children’s car seats and car booster seats
  • Diapers
  • Feminine hygiene products

Also all goods and services currently exempt from the GST, will be exempt from the HST. These include:

  • basic groceries
  • prescription drugs
  • residential rent


The B.C. Government has promised that low income families (under $25,000) and individuals (under $20,000) will receive $230 credit.

Residential energy rebate

  • A rebate will be set up to ensure that HST will not increase the cost of heat or power in residential homes.

New home rebate

  • New home buyers will not pay more when they file taxes than they would have under the old embedded PST system. This is applicable for houses under $525,000.
  • New houses over $525,000 will receive a maximum of $26,250
  • Used homes are not subject to HST

Zero-rated goods and services

  • basic groceries such as milk, bread, and vegetables.
  • agricultural products such as grain, raw wool, and dried tobacco leaves.
  • most farm livestock.
  • most fishery products such as fish for human consumption.
  • prescription drugs and drug-dispensing fees.
  • medical devices such as hearing aids; heart-monitoring devices; hospital beds; breathing apparatus; asthmatic devices; prescription eyeglasses/contact lenses; artificial eyes; artificial teeth such as dentures, crowns and bridges, orthodontic appliances; aids to locomotion such as a chair, commode chair, walker, wheelchair lift or other aid to locomotion for use by an individual with a disability; patient lifters; wheelchair ramp; portable wheelchair ramp; modifying motor vehicles to adapt the vehicle for the transportation of an individual using a wheelchair; prescription orthotic and orthopaedic devices; prosthesis/devices; canes or crutches; articles for blind individuals; guide dogs for blind individuals and hearing ear dogs; supplies and services related to medical and assistive devices.
  • exports.

Exempt goods and services:

  • imports of zero-rated goods (goods that are specifically taxed at zero per cent in Canada, such as prescription drugs)
  • goods imported by a charity or public institution that have been donated to the charity or institution
  • used residential housing
  • long-term residential accommodation (of one month or more), and residential condominium fees
  • some sales of vacant land or farmland
  • most health, medical, and dental services performed by licensed physicians or dentists for medical reasons
  • child-care services (day-care services for less than 24 hours a day) for children 14 years old and younger
  • personal-care services for children, underprivileged individuals, or individuals with disabilities, when provided by a person operating an establishment for these individuals, in either institutional or non-institutional settings
  • bridge, road, and ferry tolls (ferry tolls are taxed at zero per cent if the ferry service is to or from a place outside Canada)
  • legal aid services
  • many educational services, such as courses from a vocational school that lead to a certificate or a diploma to practise a trade or a vocation; or tutoring services for an individual who takes a course approved for credit by a school authority or the education service follows a curriculum designated by a school authority
  • music lessons
  • most food or beverages sold in an elementary or secondary school cafeteria primarily to students of the school and most meal plans provided in a university or public college
  • most services provided by financial institutions such as arrangements for a loan or mortgage
  • arranging for and issuing insurance policies by insurance companies, agents, and brokers
  • certain goods and services provided by non-profit organizations, governments, and other public service bodies, such as municipal transit services and standard residential services such as water distribution
  • most goods and services provided by charities.

Goods and services that are exempt when charities provide them:

  • most services
  • supplies of used or donated goods
  • short-term residential accommodation (less than one month of occupancy)
  • meals-on-wheels programs. This exemption is for a supply of food or beverages to seniors, underprivileged individuals, or individuals with a disability, under a program established and operated to provide prepared food to such individuals in their places of residence. Any supply of food or beverages made to a charity for these programs is also exempt from GST/HST
  • parking space rentals
  • facility rentals (e.g., halls for weddings); and catering services for private functions (e.g., wedding receptions)
  • Fees for recreational programs are exempt from GST/HST if the programs are provided primarily to children 14 years of age and under (however, if there is overnight supervision throughout a substantial part of these programs, the fee is taxable).
  • Recreational services provided primarily to underprivileged individuals, or individuals with a disability, are also exempt.

Under the GST and HST, there are three different ways that goods and services are treated: they are zero-rated, exempt or taxable.


  • Consumers do not pay HST on zero-rated items (i.e., they pay a zero per cent tax rate)
  • Those making zero-rated supplies can claim input tax credits  to recover tax paid on inputs used in making those supplies.
  • Examples: basic groceries, prescription drugs, medical devices, exports.


  • Consumers do not pay HST on exempt items (i.e., businesses or people making exempt supplies do not charge HST).
  • Those making exempt supplies cannot claim input tax credits to recover tax paid on inputs used in making those supplies.
  • Examples:  health and dental services, financial services, long-term residential rental accommodation, child-care services, educational services.


  • Most goods and services are taxable, which means that HST is charged on the supply of those items.
  • Businesses making taxable supplies can claim input tax credits credits to recover tax paid on inputs used in making those supplies.
  • Examples:  cars, clothing, furniture, haircuts.
*This information is from the Government of B.C.’s website, please follow the links below for more information on exemptions and regulations:
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  • Gloria said:

    Looking at, Campbell and Hansen’s budget. Hydro climbing up to 33%. Food costs have already gone up 27%. Our “new” carbon tax is 4.45. Trucking company’s will raise freight rates to compensate. So, food costs will climb even higher. All goods trucked in, prices will be raised. Natural gas heat, is going up 6%. The HST, is 7% more, on pretty much everything else. The partial rebate, is only a drop in the bucket. Single pensioners, need at least $2,300 per month to survive the budget. However, seniors, have no tax deductions, so any amount they get, would be clawed back for income tax. BC will get double the number, of homeless seniors, than we have now. People on Social Assistance, will also become homeless, they had their $75 housing allowance, taken away from them. Low income families, won’t survive. Single mothers, earning $8.00 per hour, will be homeless. Jobs in central and northern BC, have all been lost. These people are destitute, they have lost absolutely everything they had. Citizens will have to go, to their city hall, and put their names down for a red tent. However, these tents will also need a heating device, for winter weather, that can drop to, 40%f.


    All the yak of not paying any more is a bunch of garbage. I am an appliance tech and the cost of a simple service call will raise my basic rate by $2.99 just for the trip charge! NOW that, is a lot of NOTHING!!!
    I expect the taxpayer SHALL take their pund of flesh next election.
    The next party will not turn back as HST is signed sealed and delivered (1.6 billions buck payoff from Harper)

  • Bob said:

    I am a campground owner on Vancouver Island. It might be great news that ferry fares will be exempt except that ferry fares for RV’s nearly doubled recently after a major price hike last year. That means very few off Island customers booking anymore. I tried to explain it to the bonehead from BC Ferries who phoned up trying to get me to fork out a pile of dough to put brochures on the ferries but all I got was a stunned silence. On the other hand few islanders are going the other way either. Now though they’ll have to shell out an extra $2 a day in HST. What a swell deal.

    As for all of the other exemptions: I only took a few days for the government to flip-flop on the HST after the election and I doubt if would take much longer to start gutting the exemption list once the legislation is driven down our throats.

  • g stevens said:

    I am a very tiny contractor mini home improvements I bill under 30 000 per annum which is exempt from the current GST My understanding is the hst will be exempt if one bills under a gross of $30 000 per annum can someone email me an answer thank you

  • Dave said:

    Gee , the way this looks , how can the government even afford to implement this ? I mean according to them , it effects nothing , so why do it ?

    So I guess our GST cheques are gone and the NEW GREEN FUEL Tax is still in place and we still do not have any info from Gordo’s gang on how much we lost with the Olympics yet.

    I hope VanderZalm runs again , because BC cannot handle anymore from the last two government LOOSERS

  • Peter said:

    I import things from the US and pay gst 5%. Soon 12%. Most of my sales are out of BC. To other provinces I only am required to charge GST 5% and to other countries, not even that. Now it appeares I will have to charge HST to all sales, which means on out of country sales I loose 12% and within Canada and out of BC I loose 7%. Even if someone says I can collect this back, who is going to pay my accountant to fill in these forms. Me of course, so I still lose. If I ship to Alberta, why should they have to pay BC sales tax that is part of the HST? There is no way I know of to find out what the actual rules are, but if they are as it appears I guess I will need to close up shop and become a burden on those that stay in business!! Lose lose!!

  • Alberto said:

    There is nothing anybody can do about this hst tax…
    so the thing to do is encourage people to deal with CASH… no tax.

  • Marie Napier said:

    I guess I will da a lot of my shopping and hoolidaying in Alberta and pay cash.

  • Catherine said:

    I am trying to get info from our political representatives (federal & provincial) as to why we are currently paying GST on the BC carbon tax which, as we know, will soon increase. My MP’s office never did provide a response (a 2nd request has now been made by e-mail) & my MLA’s office told me to write a letter! I also put this question to Terasen but was told it was a federal government issue. Since I don’t see anything in the HST exemptions re this, I can only assume we will be paying HST on the ever-increasing carbon tax. As I told my MP, I don’t expect a free ride in this world but I object to paying tax on tax – particularly when I’m at a loss to see how the carbon tax could be classified as either goods or services.

  • mark said:

    campbell says the hst is going to go throught it is going to hit the daisabled people very hard

  • kathy said:

    one more victory for the (hst exempt) pharmaceutical companies, but we will pay more for our vitamins and supplement which give us better health and less of a burden on our medical system. I would think that keeping ourselves in better health and less of a burden on the medical system we would be entitled to a tax brake. Oh well,need to face the facts, it is not in the best interest of the pharmaceutical companies to have healthy Canadians.

  • John said:

    Mark. Don’t worry about disabled people. Everything for them is exempt.
    Bob. It’s the pits that you have to charge people more for camping with you but your costs will go down. For example, if you need to repair a building you now get the whole 12% back on your materials, not just 5%.
    Gloria. You’ve got to surround yourself with more positive people. The world will not come to an end on July 1. All those mills and mines up north will be able to open again because they’ll be able to pay less in taxes. And if a mother making $8 per hour is not homeless now, I can’t see how a tax that doesn’t affect her will drive her out of her house.
    Catherine. You won’t have to pay taxes on the cursed carbon tax. All this information is out there. It’s called Google.

  • Random Googler said:

    Thank you very much for posting this clear and concise listing of exemption categories and effects of the HST changeover. It’s made everything much clearer than other taxation pages I have seen.

    Not making any political statements or complaints, just thanking you for clarifying a confusing and daunting situation. :)

  • Wendy said:

    There is no such thing as ‘revenue neutral’ taxes…if it were truly revenue neutral then there would be no point implementing it!! It should be noted that in Atlantic Canada once their HST tax was railroaded through by the provincial party in power they were promptly voted out of office. The are only TWO reasons that governments impose changes to or new taxes and they are:
    1) due to the well known mismangement of funds at every level of government, their only solution to make of deficits is to put more taxes in place.
    2) a promise made to an influential corportion or individual to put either a law, or new tax in place in return for certain favors once out of office (or maybe still in office?)

    Is it possible for the 653,000 voters to bring a Class Action against Gordon Campbell and each and every named member of the Liberal Party once they are out of office? Certainly something to be considered if an Election Recall does not work!!

    All I can say is it is a Premier that cares not for the people that put him in office to simply ignore or discount their requests to stop this tax. It is a Premier that is already given himself a large raise because he views he has done a good job even if the voting publice doesn’t agree and has promises from outside enterprises of an overpaid job to go to once out of office. We really need to change how governments operate and go back to the power of the people. Mr. Campbell has just proven in spades that he is only looking out for himself!

  • Lolo said:

    Wow, I cannot believe how misinformed you all are about the HST (except John). Instead of spending all of this energy complaining about it why don’t you read everything you can on it and become an expert. The basics of life are still exempt. And how exactly is Gordon Campbell only looking out for himself in this matter? He lives here too and has absolutely nothing to gain personally by implementing the HST. I believe the HST will simplify the taxation system and is a good move.

  • PAM said:

    Maybe I missed it but will we be paying HST on Condo fees?

  • Jenn said:

    HI There,

    I am a residential long term renter in BC. My Landlord mentioned yesterday that I may have to start paying HST…but above it says that I am goods and services exempt. Does this mean I have to pay the other portion of the HST now?

  • Catherine said:

    We had signed up and paid last September for the Eco-assessment and are in the process of undertaking very expensive upgrades to our house for the sake of our children (and your children). We want to be part of the solution, not part of the serious greenhouse gas pollution problem on the planet. However, even with grants, the solutions: insulation and venting, a new heating system, solar hot water, new windows and doors, etc. are all going to cost thousands and thousands of dollars for us, including installation. If the HST applies now, adding another 7% to the services (??) – more thousands of dollars, we are probably “stalling out” on fixing the problem, or fixing it as well, staying within our budget – after all, this effort is optional. It seems to me the government will lose the taxes from those businesses and employees who would have had our business. Does anyone know if the B.C. and federal governments will exempt all “green” household renovations from HST?—and press forward to “save the planet” for us all? I am a biologist and knowing something about how ecosystems can collapse, I am convinced that Climate Change is the largest threat to survival humanity has ever faced…Once the environment is gone, nothing else matters! Nothing.

  • les said:

    can somebody tell me if we have to pay hst on existing car loans

  • Joe said:

    Hi Jenn,

    RE: Rent ?

    This was stated above:

    Also all goods and services currently exempt from the GST, will be exempt from the HST. These include:

    ■basic groceries
    ■prescription drugs
    ■residential rent

  • Arleigh said:

    I am a small proprietership that was only charging PST, do I now have to charge HST? or am I HST exempt?? Anyone know?

  • The HST Now in Effect | HST in Canada said:

    [...] The HST is a combination of the PST and the federal GST. It will be collected and redistributed to the provinces by the federal government. The HST varies in its rate and exemptions between the provinces, it’s set to 13% in Ontario and 12% in British Columbia. See HST exemptions for Ontario – See HST exemptions for BC. [...]

  • J said:

    I’m in the service industry. I don’t make massive amounts of money but people are so anti-HST that I’ve had people ask me if they can pay cash to avoid the 12% tax. I feel this is going to be an ongoing theme.

    It pretty much puts me between a rock and a hard place. If I say yes, I’m vulnerable… If I say no, the customer can easily go to the next company who is willing to deal in cash.

  • Diana Schmidt said:

    I want my TRANSITIONAL CHEQUES LIKE Ontario is getting,,,……Ontarions get transition cheques for people earning up to 160 thousand dollars on last years taxes……..Where is BC’S????? only those 20thousand and less get cheques…NOT FAIR NOT FAIR…..BC WANTS THIER TRANSITIONAL CHEQUES NOW

  • Terry said:

    Just for the people who didnt realize that yes if you havent noticed in the grocery concept of being Tax exempt let me put it this way
    it is amazing how when i went into a Grocery Store on June 30 and bought 1 package of sandwich meat for $5.39. Then I returned back to the same store on July 1 after the HST was implemented and bought the same meat for $6.04 and that wasnt even 24 hours later and there is a price difference of Exactly 12% so If you havent noticed also here in BC all Gasoline went up a minimal 2 cents everywhere on July 1. So ok here we are now the proof is out there.
    They are saying this stuff is all tax exempt so what is it that stops the proprietors from increasing the prices of 12% on everything.
    all this is cause it was emplimented and everyone is making a killing except for the legit working man.
    Taxes here in BC go up up and up and what about our wages when is our minimal wage gonna finally go up.
    This 8.00 an hour Bullshit wage with all these extra taxes best go up.
    Oh and yes the HST came out July First but it was amazing how all the Crown corporation all did a massive increase on fairs and services in April.
    BC Transit, BC Hydro, BC Gas, Telus and any other crown corporation in BC. You all say the HST is excempt in alot of different things you may want to read the fine print of everything including the tax it does say it can not be charged on certain things bit it does not say the companies and or corporations can not raise the prices for the product if it is exempt.
    Yes there again the British Columbian was just bent over the table and screwed hard in the pocket book.
    If you are actually trying to understand the HST you are more then likely the one that voted Campbell in.
    but to think with the Pst and Gst gone and now the Hst in we are running out of the alphabet for them to use for another tax name.
    If yopu think about it it is amazing how this year the GST was suppose to go down another percent this July so we would only be paying 4% GST and now guess what new tax hmm same day it was going down and now it is locked in.
    Excuse me but if you really cant see who is making the prophet here take a look at a few of the off show account of the BC politicians and Ont politicians.

    Terry from Victoria

  • anonymous said:


  • Colin said:

    DOWN WITH GORDO AND THE BC LIBERALS. People need to stand up and fight. I get tired of people telling me, get used to it…HST is here to stay. Do anything you can to educate people! Pay attention! Wake up! We pay the taxes. We do the voting. Faith must be restored. Accountability is a requirement, not optional!

    Abbotsford, BC

  • allen said:

    I just got a letter from my leasing company stating that my eco-rebate for the province of BC has been removed my $1500 Credit is dead and now I am left with 42 months of my lease without that benefit.

  • Izzy said:

    I feel your pain. I got the same shock (minus the letter) when the payment on my yaris jumped from $225 to $240.80.

    The government clearly doesn’t actually care about the environment it was some kind of cheap trick to get us all to purchase stuff that they could then go and make money on. I have 2 years left on my lease at this new price.

  • Ty said:


    Work harder, continue to buy “stuff”, continue to go out for the odd meal, tip your servers fairly, and generally stop complaining!!! We are all VERY lucky to be living in such a great country. It’s disgusting how much people take this amazing province for granted. Be part of the solution or move aside so someone more grateful can take your spot in Beautiful BC.

  • random stoner said:

    you know what i think. i think that this is just another notch in the belt, and we must live with it. sure everyone complains about it, but you know they’re not going to change it so why bother. We might as well do what Ty said, work harder, but if we stop buying this “stuff” that will solve everything! Just deal with the debt and costs you have, and then once all of it is gone, just live and enjoy life. Patience is the key, a wise man once told me “this too shall pass” and it will in time..

  • Scotty said:

    I just came on this site to see what was exempt because my mother 69 yrs old lost my Dad one year ago and is on a very fixed budget. Her car is packing it in lots of mechanical problems. The neighbor sells cars and always has helped my mom out with fixing things etc. He has a car for her that is 9k and a very good deal for her but after reading above she will have to somehow have to come up with $1060 just in the HST then the transfer etc. The neighbor said that she can pay him when she has any extra money monthly but without this money today she will not even be able to drive and she still has to work she is a realtor with only limited sales per year and also not to mention that she has to take care of my phyically and mentally disabled sister, this is a tipping point for her. This tax was put into pay for the OLYPICS don’t kid yourself, this premier only got into office out of default when the NDP eventually ran out candidates. He is out of touch with the people and only cares about himself, his image and legacy. I hope he rots.

  • Jake Terpstra said:

    If a person has to buy a vehicle to install a wheel chair lift is the vehicle tax exempt for a handicapped person?

    We have to buy a Van for transporting and wonder if this is tax exempt.

  • Karen said:

    Apparently, income tax was initially put in place as a TEMPORARY measure to help pay for the 2nd (or first?) world war by our Canadian government. It is now here to stay. THen GST was introduced as a TEMPORARY measure after the terrible ’80′s recession…. (thereabouts). Can’t see that ever going. I signed the anti-HST petition, knowing that it likely won’t change things -the Harper signing bonus helped offset the cost of the 2010 Olympics, as did all the 75% ARTS cuts in BC. HST BITES. My 13 year old daughter wears adult-sized clothing and shoes and pays FULL Hst – whereas her brother did not have to pay the PST until he turned 16. She buys her own clothes with her allowance and babysitting money. Ultimately, it comes down to buying less. HOW is THAT going to stimulate the economy?!!!!!

  • George said:

    I agree with a number of comments that the HST is likely here to stay, whether we like it or not(regardless of VanderZalm’s efforts). People are frustrated because many of them do not understand how the HST works. I dislike the HST but primarily for the reason that the Campbell gang were dishonest about before the election and are still dishonest about it now. They continue to lie in the face of evidence to the contrary.
    What else have they done which will come to bite us in the future? How many more hidden issues has the media not yet been able to ferret out?
    These people cannot be trusted, but all we can do is vote them out at the next election. Unfortunately when we do we’ll end up with the NDP. Will they get rid of the HST? Not likely. Look at the history of the GST in Canada.
    When the NDP takes over, will we end up with another fiasco like we had with Glen Clark? The NDP have their own agenda to push and BC will again end up deeper in the hole than we already are.
    However, the alternative would be to move to another province that doesn’t have the HST.
    I like BC and will even get used to the HST.

  • displeased said:

    I as well hate the HST. We have had to cut back a great deal. How is this helping the economy? We can only afford to eat one meal a day and that’s not always of the most nutritional value. We found out over the weekend that we are not the only ones. If we can not afford proper food
    we sure are not going to buy anything else. Campbell lied straight out and gave himself a big raise on top of it. This has affected to many people in a bad way. I wish the N.D.P. had a stronger leader like Barret, they would have our vote in a heart beat, however at this point anyone is better than this arrogant liberal. Anyone who believes anything that falls from his mouth, I have a bridge to sell you! And yes I do understand how the HST works.

  • Chris R said:

    When will we learn?
    Vanderzalm ruined his own party and the province, then the NDP came in and almost bankrupt the province. We knew that the province needed some severe change to make a comeback.
    Cuts were needed and Gorden made the necessary cuts and took the flack, and we improved.
    Now to make things clear I am not a liberal, but I do know that you can only spend for so long and if you dont have money coming in to replenish what you spend soon you have to make cuts. I dont like taxes anymore then anyone else, but to me the HST is a just tax. You pay tax on things you buy, you dont have tax loopholes.
    The rich have loopholes to reduce thier taxes, alot of people work under the table to avoid taxes, and of course lets not forget the illeagle trades that again dont claim thier income. Now when they make a purchase big or small they have to pay for the things we all want.
    How many times a day do you hear the want lists. Need new hospitals, more doctors and nurses, new schools and teachers, infastructures and transit…the list is endles, but you need money coming in to cover this.
    Tell me how do you think this stuff will get paid for??Carol James, Bill Vanderzalm? How are you going to do this. I hear alot of complaining and whining from you but no solutions.
    Face it you dont get something for nothing.

  • Ron said:

    I am amazed at the amount of people who are against the HST. I also wonder how many of the complainers are also the same people that complain about cutbacks on education, medical facilities and a host of other government grants. Give your heads a shake and look at the whole picture!

  • KM said:

    Want to make em blink? Just stop spending money on anything except necessities. We have to buy food and clothing, but we don’t have to buy alcohol, go for dinners, go to the movies — we don’t have any power as voters (how many federal politicians have gotten elected on a promise to scrap the gst – how many provincial politicians have gotten elected promising lower taxes – who will get elected promising to scrap the hst only to reneg later???) they say what they want us to hear and then ignore us while they are in office. BUT we do have power as consumers – when restaurants start going out of business, when walmarts start going out of business, when starbucks stand empty — then, politicians will start caring about what is going on with consumers. Everytime you walk into starbucks, you are encouraging government to tax us some more.

  • Cheryl said:

    Chris, you seem to be overlooking the obvious – they somehow manage to pay for all those services in Alberta and Newfoundland. How did they do it without HST?! Hmm, sound fiscal management possibly? Just a thought. I guess the only difference between BC and Alberta is the Olympics? Or maybe you want to blame the NDP somehow?
    The problem isn’t the HST, it’s the hst piled on top of the highest income tax in the country, on top of the increases to medicare hydro gas etc etc etc, which is on top of the 123% the the BC government charges on liquor distribution, on top of translink fees and ferry fees and highway tolls and carbon tax and cigarette tax and gas tax and property tax and property transfer tax and estate tax and… I could go on. ALL of which are on top of increasingly shitty service!!! THAT is why people are upset about the HST. Its just gotten to be too much now, this was the last straw, the final insult!! Don’t deceive yourself into thinking it’s “just another tax”. Stand up and demand some respect as a citizen!!! Where is all this money being spent?!?! Ihave a few ideas. But I simply can’t believe that you are so complacent to just let your government treat you like an idiot.

  • Don Brown said:

    If an individual leases a portion of their property out to a public agency do they have to pay HST? I heard that if the amount was less than $30,000 a year it is exempt? Can anybody clarify this for me?

  • pissedoffvoter said:

    new zealand taxed itself into bankruptcy some 20 years ago. the prime minister of new zealand visited canada and warned the politicians at that time that we were doing the same. they have kept adding taxes since. we are the most heavily taxed people in the world.which means we have the most incompetent politicians in the world.we need a flat tax that everyone payes..and dare i say it …yes even the fatcat corporations have to pay their fair share.we have 20,000 to 40,000 businesses in canada that pay no taxes every year.

  • 65 pickup said:

    The taxation or rather multiple taxation during the life of a vehicle is absolutely corrupt. I would vote for any party that promised to take that away. I don’t care how a government gets it’s money, doing it thru repeat taxation of any item is wrong!!

  • Andy said:

    Hello, I would like to know if i am buying business..do i have to pay HST?

  • Karen said:

    John, what a shame that you won’t be reading this… however, for the edification of others:

    1. The disabled do not get a “get out of HST, free” card. Where ever did you get that idea? My best friend is completely blind, my sister-in-law profoundly deaf. Both pay their taxes just like the rest of us.

    2. I’m looking at my propane bill from Superior Propane. $423.76 for the propane, $14.00 for transport, $8.95 hazardous material handling fee, $17.46 46 carbon tax… and $55.70 HST, which is 12% of the total including the carbon tax. So yes, we are being charged HST on the carbon tax.

  • Karen said:


    Motor Fuel Tax, Carbon Tax and Harmonized Sales Tax (HST)
    When calculating the tax on fuels sold for use, or used, in internal combustion engines (i.e. motor fuels):
     you calculate the motor fuel tax and carbon tax on the volume of the fuel, and
     you calculate HST as a percentage of the sale price (i.e. product price, plus motor fuel and/or carbon taxes). The HST rate is 5% as there is a point‐of‐sale rebate for the 7% provincial portion of the HST.

    When calculating the tax on fuel sold for any use other than in an internal combustion engine (i.e. non‐motor fuels):
     you calculate the carbon tax on the volume of the fuel, and
     you calculate HST as a percentage on the sale price of the fuel (i.e. product price, plus carbon tax). Please note: There is no point‐of‐sale rebate for non‐motor fuels, therefore the HST rate is 12%).

    As someone once said,

    All this information is out there. It’s called Google.

  • Karen said:

    While researching the Carbon Tax/HST stuff, I came across these pages:

  • Maya said:

    I am living in my travel trailer to save money while in College. Since the HST my regular $30.00 in tax on $600.00 pad rent is now $72.00. A whopping $864.00 a year extra, not to mention all the other items I purchase. It’s times like these when one starts looking elsewhere in the world to find a country with NO or LOW taxes. I guess it depends on how much your willing to put up with before being pushed over the edge!


  • Brad Graystock said:

    Vote YES to abolish the HST. Listen to a reason the government isn’t telling you about! Prior to the introduction of the HST in BC, the purchase price of used vehicles was subject to 7% PST and was GST exempt. Since HST has been in effect you are now subject to 12% HST on the transfer of every used vehicle purchased in or brought into BC. This is borderline criminal. This is not the same as adding PST to formerly PST exempt goods and services. This is increasing the PST from 7% to 12% Has anyone even calculated and reported what this yearly not-talked-about increase is? I can tell you the BC government hasn’t because its SIGNIFICANT!

  • brent veale said:

    This is for the tax payers in Canada & specially for the folks in B.C. We are a over taxed people in Canada. The politicians in our government LIVE off our taxes & don,t earn what they get paid. All they do is put Canada deeper & deeper into debt. The rich get richer & the poor get poorer. If we turn the HST down, these MORONS will just bring in another tax & even higher than the HST. PLUS ALL THE MONEY SPENT ON THIS WILL HAD BEEN WASTED & WE START ALL OVER AGAIN. People in B.C. are pissed off the way our MORON Premier brought this tax in illegally, we can bitch all we want & nothing we can do about it. Yes we can turn it down but like i said (re: bring in another tax). If it,s not called HST it,ll be called something else. I SAY KEEP THE HST.

  • clarkss said:

    Keep the HST !!

    Stop consuming, re-use, recycle, buy only necessities and you will pay less tax. Cut and dry.

    Times are changing, and the “West” needs to start thinging about rationing our resources; they will not be around forever.

    Let’s pull up our socks folks.
    Vote for the HST.

  • Donzis said:

    No one seems to ever mention the fact that HST now applies to all investment management fees for investments. On one hand the government keeps saying how important it is that people save more for retirement, and then they implement a tax that increases the costs on everyone’s retirement plan fees, thus actually reducing how much people can save for retirement.

    And if you think of the billions, or more, of money that BC families have invested in retirement savings, you will realize exactly how much the government is truly raking in from this new tax.

  • B Hockey said:

    “Harmonized” sales tax…What am I on a f**king picknick? Call it conglomerated sales tax, and the name will be as foul as its reception.

    What aggrivates me is how the federal government went about slapping us with this tax. They lie to us, then sneak it in. In many situations, thats called rape. When we exercise democracy and LEGALLY demand a referendum, they do their best to candy-coat it so it’s easier to swallow. They are neither LEGAL nor MORAL. Do they wonder why crime is ever increasing? Lead by example.

    The worst part is, I agree with the HST and value-added taxation. That being said, I will vote YES to ousting the HST. But even if we do succeed in bringing back the PST+GST, will that stop the feds from getting what they want? I think HST is inevitable, and this referendum only serves to waste tax dollars.

  • Robert said:

    Why is the wording in every referendum counter intuitive. Referendum on HST and voting NO keeps it? Maybe that works in America.

  • MC said:

    A lot of anti-HST sentiment on this board. Keep in mind that if the HST is voted down, then there will be massive cuts to health care, education, and public services.

    If you find that it’s hard to pay the bills on social assistance now, just want until it’s gutted due to lack of revenue from voting down the HST.

    If you separate the emotion, and do the math, only the top 60% of BCers pay more under HST. The bottom 40% pay less. This has been shown in studies from both left-wing and right-wing organizations. HST also reduces business expenses, which will lead to more jobs.

    Please do what’s right for your province when you vote – keep the HST.

  • Michey said:

    I just have to say that I think, if we win the HST and the Federal Goverment wants the $1.6 million dollars transfer returned, then Gordon Campbell and his followers who agreed to vote this in should have to pay for it personally from their cushy government salaries & pensions, and unjustified oppointments that pay another exhorbitant person who betrayed the Province of British Columbia.

    Another point I have, is there is still going to be a lot of work for businesses to do in regards to collecting and submitting either the PST/GST or HST. It has been a huge job for our fairly large company to convert to the HST from the PST/HST but we have only been doing this for a year, so I think it would be easier to go back to the PST/GST model once while the process is still fresh in our minds.

    Now, to keep the HST but reduce it over the next few years (what is like 2 or 3 years) will be very costly to businesses and government because it is a lot of work to convert by decreasing (or increasing) the tax and we would have to do that two times in a row? That’s ridiculous…the poor companies that are already struggling have to waste more time and money in the coming years to do two conversions to making the HST 10%.

    There seems to be a lot of unnecessary work and wasted money being generated by this goverment over somethint that the people of British Columbia never voted for in the first place. The average to poor person has to surfer incredibly for the bad choices that the Liberal Government made, but they don’t worry because they all get hefty raises and it doesn’t affect them…so I guess if they don’t see it and it doesn’t hurt their pocket book then they just don’t care because they are not hurting for money.

    Please vote YES to extinguishing the tax. We are being taxed to death and I don’t think I can bare what we are being taxed on now, I think I will simply have to stop living…everything is way too much to have a joyful life.

  • Michey said:

    The government should not even be allowed to advertise for keeping the HST! The people of BC never had a chance to advertise for not having in the first place, so they should not be allowed to waste millions of dollars of tax payers money to advertise to keep the HST. Only the Pro HST side should be able to advertise. The Provincial has already invested millions in trying to tell us it is a good thing to have when it isn’t. It is not fair that the British Columbian people had the tax shift go from corporations to the taxpayers. The corporations and the rich, just keep getting richer and richer. It is absolutely mind boggling how greedy people are out there!

  • Michey said:

    In British Columbia now, we pay taxes on taxes. If you look at your energy or gas bill, you will see that the HST is applied to the carbon tax which was not done before. You look at hotel bills, the rooms that have any other taxes (ie room taxes etc) will have the HST charged on that tax as well. We are being taxed on taxes and somehow that is just not right and I don’t know how the government can justify themselves by doing this.

  • Jessica said:

    Ok well I am still trying to figure all this out. If I recall wasnt GST or PST a war tax to begin with. Are they trying to cover it up or something.Will we be getting more rebate money for HST since GST might be gone?Just curious cause right now I recieve both and I sure need it since my 9 yr old wears adult clothes that I get taxed on.I just have a gut feeling this is another scam to give the government more money for expensive holidays,cars,houses,etc….

  • Me said:

    Isn’t all tax technically illegal and was developed initally as a toll to fund war efforts in WWII? In case you haven’t noticed, that war ended many years ago, so why are we still the highest taxed country/province in the world?

  • Shawn wood said:

    Are places able to charge HST on a deposit? I have a licensing company take $244 in deposits and say I owe HST on the deposit… Does that sound fishy?

  • Stephen said:

    I am a single male with no wife or dependents. I’m tired of the victim mentality people of this country have, and the sense of entitlement that goes along with getting old, being too lazy to work on getting some post-secondary or vocational skills, or pumping out children like nobodies business without a means to support them, other than with the free handouts provided by my tax dollars via family allowances. My position on the whole thing is as follows:
    If you didn’t save any money from the time you were my age, or younger and the time you move into your golden years, it is fitting for you to eat dog food and be homeless. If you can’t support children on minimum wage, either don’t have any, or select a partner that is stable and capable of helping you provide for them, or go back to school with an interest free loan, again supplied by my tax dollars and get a job with a higher per hour remuneration. At the same time, you will pay more in taxes to provide opportunities for the kids you chose to bring into this world, coming up behind you to do the same. It’s too late for the zoomers. They’ve missed their window for that, and I resent the ones who spent more than they made their whole lives and now complain that they don’t get enough “free money” in their golden years. Welfare? Drug addicts that don’t want to go to a 12 step program and be a help to this country instead of a burden to it. I was one once so I know it to be true. Single mothers who have many kids from many different men, most of them strangers, in and out of jail or on the dole themselves, not working, being a nuisance. Sure, it’s a woman’s choice, but I for one, am sick of paying for that choice over and over again. She can pay for it now. Lack
    of education about birth control is no excuse, as, it is and has been mandatory curriculum in high school even when I went. Depressed? Bipolar? Take your FREE meds! Then go to work/school! Don’t sit and wallow in it, it’s depressing. I’m getting depressed just thinking about all the extras I could be enjoying instead of paying for other peoples lame excuses, then having the audacity to blame Campbell or whoever, when we all get challenges dealt to us in life we have to face and struggle through. I see retards on the transit going to work or volunteering. No joke! Why can’t you? Because you’re lazy and it’s easier to go to the doctor for FREE and get a writ to get on the disability dole. That’s why. There are thousands of make work projects funded by people like me for you to help contribute, yet you don’t. Then you blame and remain a victim your whole lives. None of this stuff you whine about even exists south of the border or in many other countries. Be grateful for what you do get, really… Free health care? No way! People abuse it. Should be fees galore to separate the hypochondriacs from the sincerely ill. If you have cancer, you’re going to die. Face it and enjoy the time you have left. For my entire life they’ve been trying to find a cure and been unsuccessful. Spending thousands of dollars on chemo and equipment might put it in remission for a while, but at the expense of your children and the generations coming up behind us. Stop being so selfish Canada. Think before you act. Simple solutions exist like condoms to avoid life-changing decisions and still provide for togetherness and enjoyment for two people. Don’t spend more than you make, and save some of it. Never touch it, or you will be homeless at 67+ eating the same food your mongrel does. Stay in school, or you’ll be stuck working for minimum wage. Dont waste your money on lottery tickets, invest it instead. You aren’t going to win anymore than you are going to get hit by lightning after reading this. Just think how much better this country would be with just these few simple rules. We could even get our post-secondary education paid for FREE, like in Costa Rica, instead of having to take out student loans. I dont have all the answers, but I have these suggestions to offer. As a citizen born on this soil, a taxpayer, and beneficiary of many services that make this country the best in the world, I have both the duty and the right to voice them.

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